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Yamaha ATS-1010....

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Anybody have any experience with this model? I saw an ad on CNET about them... Refurbished models on sale.... Wanted to get some input.

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Picked one up from Costco last week to pair with my Panasonic ST30 plasma. Setup was a breeze, it learned the commands from my Dish remote without any issues. The re-broadcast of the IR commands worked right away.

Most importantly, it has the WAF stamp of approval! Wife loves that the piano black looks high-end and sounds great. I've been looking for the right soundbar for almost a year, and this one is working just great for me.
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Whats the difference between this and the YAS-101?
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None, they are the same unit.
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My brother-in-law bought a Yamaha ATS-1010. Neither his television, nor his DVR have an optical plug. We are running a coax cable from the soundbar to the DVR, and are getting great sound. Any suggestions for hooking up the television or DirecTV receiver since we don't have an optical plug, and the soundbar only has one coax input?


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Maybe this?

C2G / Cables to Go 40018 Coaxial to Optical Digital Audio Converter

I'd check the specs and/or call the manufacturer.

There are a number of such convertors besides this one.
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