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Who to order seats from?

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I'm planning to order seats soon and every site has the same price. How do I decide which vendor to use for my order? Should I just email them all with what I want and see who gives me the best deal? I think the chairs must be price-fixed, but I also want a popcorn popper. Thanks in advance!
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I would call and or email. Both Ken and Roman were quick to respond on emails. Roman answered the phone and Ken always had a live person answer the phone after you choose the reason for the call. I then would ask for Ken if he wasn't the one to pick up. Both were very eager to assist. With online pricing you can expect there's not a lot of room to play. And compared to my local retailer these guys were already ahead of the game (In knowledge alone).

I found Ken at stargate cinema to be very helpful. After 2 weeks of figuring out what I wanted and countless emails and calls I ordered from him. Over all his pricing was better than any other. Ken was also very good to tell me about open box deals etc and offer better pricing on those seats. His open box deals did not fit my room requirements but there was a decent savings on those.

Pricing wise Roman was a fairly close second.

There's a lot out there and much to consider. Space, comfort, quality, leather or other, and features like tables etc.
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Ken and Roman are top shelf!
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I have to give thumbs up to Ken and his staff. I recently purchased a 4 seat row of Pallister "Mello" from Ken (Stargate). He was extremely patient with my questions and gave honest opinions about various product lines good and bad. I made an educated choice and I am extremely happy with my purchase. I will order another set of 4 in the near future to complete my seating arrangement.

Thanks Ken!

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I'm only buying a single recliner for my media room. Based on everything I've read I'm ordering from Stargate Cinema now. I'm buying the Lane Matinee power model. I'm a little nervous buying without actually sitting in it, but it seems to be well liked by many people.
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where is stargate physically located?
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Fallston, MD 21047 (about 20 mins north of Baltimore)
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Just to pile on, I ordered my chairs from Roman and my carpet from Ken. You can't go wrong ordering from either of these two.
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I bought my chairs from Roman and like everyone else they were sight unseen. That took a leap of faith and trust that Roman and Ken have earned by treating their customers right. Roman was top notch and delivered everything he promised. I have never bought from Ken but based on his reputation here I wouldn't hesitate to if He had what I needed.
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Stargate also seem to carry the widest variety of decor and accessories.
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I wish my first experience so far with Stargate was more positive.

I ordered my power recliner on Friday 1/11 and it was listed a a quick ship item. As of Friday 1/25, it had not even shipped yet.

I was expecting for it to take 2 weeks or a little more to receive it, but not actually for it to take that long to get shipped out.

The purchase amount was taken out of my account 1/14. Most of the other online retailers I've worked with don't charge until item ships.
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I am checking into this for you now. Stay tuned, please.
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Let me tell you about my experience with Roman and Ultimate Home Entertainment (http://www.rtheaters.com/).

I emailed Roman with some questions about width, prices, etc. I got a response back within 10 min. Actually, EVERY time I have emailed him, I have gotten a response back within 10 minutes. I ordered the Fusion Escapes (http://www.rtheaters.com/FusionCollection/FC-Escape-1019.html) and they were shipped out THAT DAY by Roman and I got them within 4 days. I hooked everything up and one of the chairs had an intermittent issue that would cause the chairs electronics not to work properly (would stop reclining/cooling/etc. ). I notified Roman who had someone sent out (this took a little time as I had gotten my order in Dec 18 and was leaving on vacation the 22nd. So, when I got back around the 3rd, he had someone out that checked the chair and let Roman know what was wrong. Roman sent the part THAT DAY and I got it 4 days later. The gentleman came out and put the new part in and they have been working perfectly ever since.
These things are COMFORTABLE. I have spent an entire Sunday in one watching movies without issues. I highly recommend Roman. We all know things can and do go wrong with moving parts. But having the Customer Support like what I got is priceless.
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Roman +1
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