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2 remotes, 2 rooms 1 AV closet

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Can I change the radio frequency that my 890 uses?

I have 2 remotes controlling 2 different DVR's but they are both housed in ONE A/V closet and both remotes seem to be sending signals to BOTH cable boxes.

Here is my set-up:

1. Living Room: TV & 5.1 speakers. Controlled with 890 #1 (with IR blaster)

2. Bedroom: TV (using internal speakers). Controlled with 890 #2 (also with IR blaster)

3. AV Closet: Direct TV DVR (living room), Direct TV 2nd cable box (connected to living room to access recorded content) & AV receiver (or living room only)

The problem: Remote control #2 seems to control BOTH the master bedroom cable box AND the DVR box. So if someone is watching TV in the bedroom and switches channels - it changes the channel on the cable box in the living room too. (vis-a-versa is true too)

I think I can solve this problem if I can have remote control #2 send it's IR blaster on a different frequency?
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Even if you could change the RF frequency, it wouldn't make any difference. The resulting IR frequency would still be the same.

Luckily you have DirecTV, so the solution is very simple. Just change the address (not frequency) on one DirecTV box and original remote, add another DirecTV device to your harmony, and confirm a few commands from the remote that's set to the changed address.
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Thanks for the quick response. Should I assume you can't change the frequency?

What do you mean, change the address on one of my Direct TV boxes?
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Your using a RF universal remote to control your receivers, but the receivers are still only accepting IR commands, so you can switch each receiver to a different IR address, there are 8 to chose from.

to swich see this post:


I'll leave up to others to get the Harmony remote programmed for the new address
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You can't.

On your newest DirecTV box, go into the remote setup screen, pick advanced, pick a new address and follow the prompts. If you need more help than that, you'll have to ask at DBSTalk.com because I haven't had DirecTV in years.
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Thank you this worked perfectly. I switched the code set on one of my Direct TV boxes and everything is working perfectly. Many thanks for the advice
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