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I watched Miami Vice on a XA2
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Death Proof-German import
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Things We Lost In The Fire, a couple of weeks ago. It was a blind buy at a bargain price near the end of the format's life. It was quite good, and the video quality was excellent.
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I watched Next for the first time recently. It was also a low-priced blind buy. It is a very good movie, from a story written by the same author as Total Recall (one of my favorite movies), and Minority Report (now on my shopping list!).

Next has Dolby TrueHD audio and nice picture quality.
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Picked up Fletch brand new super cheap. I actually haven't ever seen it. Pretty good movie with a decent transfer for the age.
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Notting Hill. Yesterday.

After being underwhelmed by the new Blu-ray release, I decided to pull out my HD DVD disc to compare. Wound up watching the whole thing. Visible improvement over the Blu-ray. Glad I kept it.
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Watched Apollo 13. Had been sat on the shelf, still sealed for years. Finally opened it and watched it. Not the most eye popping HD transfer ever, but very servicable and an enjoyable movie to boot !! Disc played fine as well, although as a Universal disc shame there was no bookmark facility !
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You can use Aneesoft DVD Ripper to rip DVDs to various video format you want.
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Watching Serenity on Panasonic P65S60 with the A-30.
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Watched , I have this on LD, HD DVD, and BD and this is my favorite version. Also watched .
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Last HDDVD watched was either Sahara or Black Rain.

Alas, the last one we ATTEMPTED to view was Blade Runner (Coll Ed) - but it appears that all of the disks have become corrupted.....
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I still think BD is better than HD DVD.
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Originally Posted by Harrychoen View Post

I still think BD is better than HD DVD.

Generally this is true but there are exceptions, for example:

2001: A Space Odyssey BD - LPCM 5.1 (48kHz, 16-bit)
2001: A Space Odyssey HD DVD - Dolby TrueHD surround track (48 kHz/24-Bit/3.0 Mbps)
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we got us a troll in here :-)
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Last night we watched The Interpreter , rock solid contrast and great colors . And a good flick to boot.eek.gif
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just watched the import of an American werewolf in london...surprisingly good transfer.
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I watched "Top Gun" a week ago or so. That movie will always be special for me as the first one I saw in surround sound at home, in 1986-87. I had read how to hook two speakers in series, then connect them to both positive terminals on my amplifier's speaker connections to get an approximation of Dolby Surround sound. It worked!
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National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Still wish they would have used a 5.1 audio track. I had totally forgotten that Johnny Galecki played Rusty in this one. Still an all-time favorite.

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Originally Posted by teachsac View Post

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
Thanks for reminding me about this one--I do think I have the HD-DVD somewhere! Will watch tonight!

UPDATE: We did watch it and I was surprised to learn that I'd never seen it except "edited for television" before! It's a lot better un-expurgated for sure! biggrin.gif
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Last movies watched in HD-DVD on a Toshiba HD-XE1 were John Carpenters

"The Thing" and Stanley Kubricks "The Shinning" (119 minutes version). Looking

forward to get the 144 minutes US version.



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Originally Posted by iBob57 View Post

Notting Hill. Yesterday.

After being underwhelmed by the new Blu-ray release, I decided to pull out my HD DVD disc to compare. Wound up watching the whole thing. Visible improvement over the Blu-ray. Glad I kept it.

I am SO glad I didn't get rid of the HD DVD when the BD was announced. I was shocked at how poorly executed the BD was after Universal waiting so long to release the BD.

But, the last HD DVD I watched was Streets of Fire. After going to the trouble and expense of ordering BOTH the German and UK Blu-rays, i sat down with all three and did a comparison. I wound up watching the HD DVD all the way through.

Yeah, the disc I already had sitting on my shelf.
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I watched Meet Joe Black on my A2 the other day. Looked good, sounded good and played without a hitch.

I recently started "converting" my HD DVD titles onto an Ultraviolet account through VUDU/WalMart. Anybody else doing this? I have ~ 90 - 100 titles and was originally thinking of ripping them to a HDD as others have done. I had paid no attention to Ultraviolet until a couple of weeks ago and decided it was worth a test run, so carted some of my HD DVDs over to WalMart and now those titles are in the cloud. I haven't spent much time viewing them critically though think in general the HDX are pretty good renderings but not quite HD DVD or Blu-ray quality. It's really a mixed bag from the audio standpoint as to what you might get with any title, though most of them are at least in 5.1 and these kinds of things actually get upgraded at times. While my discs are still playable and my A2 is still functioning, films like 2001: ASO I will undoubtedly play preferably from the HD DVD, though the ability to play an HD rendering of these films virtually anywhere is well worth the $2/disc to me, as well as offering a form of future-proofing to the titles I own. I started looking what it would cost to buy new BDs for some of these and this is extremely economical, so much so I've actually just bought some more HD DVDs off fleaBay to take in to convert and it doesn't even matter if the discs play correctly.

The downside? Well, there is some loss of quality compared to the physical media but not enough to bother me over the discs I own, especially as I can still play those discs at present. There is some chance that this whole UV thing will go away some day, though I still will have an option to download them from UV too. Another bonus is that family members who are living away at college can view titles we have in the cloud, as well as I can when traveling. Unfortunately some great titles like An American Werewolf in London and The Deer Hunter are not (yet?) available on UV, so I may have to learn how to rip those. As an aside I've also upgraded some of my DVDs to HDX and those are a noticeable improvement in video quality, though again the audio may or may not be what is available on HD DVD or BD. In the process I've picked up 22 free titles signing up with the various other streamers (e.g. Flixster), though they are all SD they are still DVD+ in quality at 480p.

I still think HD DVD should have won the war and still enjoy a lot of great flicks I picked up. I don't own a lot of BDs and some are impressive, though overall I would say I'm more impressed by a number of HD DVDs I watch then BDs I've seen. I wonder why that is?
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Shadow of the Moon-I've never seen it, but as a fan of space-themed films and documentaries, it was a real treat. Very glad to have it in my 'red' collection!
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Watched my Terminator 2 (French Import) today. Looks and sounds great. My HD-A35 worked flawlessly. The DTS-HDMA soundtrack on this one is most excellent.
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Just did a Harry Potter marathon (don't ask, it just happened, Ok?)

Watched 1-5 on HD-DVD (HD-A35) then the last two on bluray (Oppo BDP-83).

Lots of fun, excellent video quality and audio.
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gonna be watching Death at a funeral import tonight(the german import of the British comedy)
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