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Video scaler with directv. Will it work?

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I have a 123" projection screen using the infocus SP8602 projector. As of right now, all video processing is performed through a Pioneer SC27 reciever.

Here's my problem...my directv image isn't quite as sharp as my blu ray player, and this makes since as directv only outputs as high as 1080i or 720p with a lot less information being delivered.. But it is very frustrating because at 123", 1080i just doesn't quite look as good. I know I will never have as good as an image with directv as I do with blu ray.

My question is, will a stand alone video scaler help improve the picture quality of my directv. My SC27 reciever will not do any scaling other than analog 480p/480i images with does nothing for me. So I was curious as to if I bought a video scaler that will scale the 1080i directv image to 1080p, would that actually look any better or not?

Thanks for any help you can provide
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Since your projector is native 1080p wouldn't it automatically upscale incoming sources to 1080p?
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I couldn't find anything in the manual about it upscaling.
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There's no scaling from 1080i to 1080p, just de-interlacing (turning fields to full frames). Still de-interlacing is an important aspect in video processing.

Of course a standalone vp can de-interlace or scale from any res up to 1080p. It has lots more tweaking options than the 'scaler' in a receiver.

The issue is, although 'directv' outputs 1080i, is everything in fact 1080i at source?

And if the projector is 'native 1080p' it means it displays every incoming signal as 1080p, so it HAS TO de-interlace 1080i to p.

So the issue narrows down to which does de-interlacing better. Specific de-interlacing artefacts are things like combing, liasing, line flickering. If you're not seeing these then a 'better de-interlacer' isn't likely going to help.

If directv outputs 720, again, is the source 720p? If one (720p or 1080i) looks better than the other then you might have a better idea what goes on, whether it's a scaling or de-interlacing issue.
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Gotcha, that makes a lot of sense. What it boils down to is that directv will always have a softer image than bluray due to its lack of information transmitted.
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I have a denon 2113 and have a Directv hddvr. I have the dvr set to native on and all resolutions checked. Everything looks much better including SD, 720p and 1080i.

That said how much an improvement you get depends on the AVR's video processor.
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You many want to consider using a Darbee Darblet which is reported to work better with PJs.

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I use the Darbee on my HR23 using a fixed 1080i output to a 50" Panny plasma. The improvement in picture quality is very noticeable. If you purchase from AVS they have a 30 day return policy. I'd recommend you at least try it on your 103" screens.
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