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Avatar: Collector's Edition 3D Blu Ray - 3D issue(s) - (flipped or inverted L/R eyes)

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Thought this might be a nice place to compile any issues that anyone is having. I will begin with mine.

Will anyone with a 3D setup please take a look at the 3rd shot in the film (Extreme Close-Up of Jake's eye from 3/4 up profile) and confirm that the shot is flipped incorrectly? The 'left eye' is on the right and the 'right eye' is on the left? It gives the shot the impression that his far cheek is close, but his nose and front eyebrow are far away. To test, pause on the shot and invert you television/glasses and see if the shot pops outward into true perspective.

It would be an error in the 1080p render before it reached the disc creation phase. Could not be an error with my system, so please do not suggest that. The rest of the movie is perfectly fine (So far anyway. Have not watched it in it's entirety).

I have had others confirm this error in person, but wondering if/when Fox may have corrected it. Just trying to get a discussion started.


Personal: I do VFX and motion graphics for a living. Am WELL versed in the 3d world.
Setup: Panasonic Laservue, PS3, Samsung glasses, Avatar Collector's Edition 3D Blu Ray)
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yeah, left-right is incorrectly swapped for this scene in my Panasonic bonus version too. I seem to recall that was one of the scenes they did a 2d-3d conversion on, due to the narrow interaxial they would have had to use for stereo cameras, that might have something to do with the swap mistake.
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You know, that totally makes sense because I don't see much detail in the eye lashes in the straight-on shot either (which would also be converted because of practicality of getting in there close), and his eye lashes should have lots of visual fun and depth going on there.

I'm just shocked that it's the third shot in the film. Seems like any technician who previewed the final render would see it right off the bat.

Thanks, cathodraytube!
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You are right. Too bad they didn't catch that. The reverse 3D shot is 00:00:59 to 00:01:02.
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Thanks, Bleed Orange. I'm hoping others can find this message board and realize that they aren't crazy (they're not crazy. they're just intensely detail-oriented. haha). Maybe we can get Fox to own up to the issue. In either event, I'm going to return my BD. Both because of the issue and because I'm just a little Avatar'ed out, even after all this time. I guess I didn't realize it till I stuck in the BD and watched a few scenes. wink.gif
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I KNEW there was something funny about this shot!!!!! But I didn't give it a closer look because the wall of the box he's in is blurred out, so I attributed the stereo abnormality to the lack of definition in the background. Good catch.
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I finally got around to watching (ALMOST all) of AVATAR 3D (on the second of my 2 hurricane-forced vacation days). I was QUITE pleased with the 3D on my 65" Mits. And that head shot went by so fast I didn't really even notice it.
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i noticed this as well as other weirdness in the non-CGI scenes, especially towards the beginning. I felt like the lighting was reversed - i can't find any other way to describe it. The Pandora scenes look fantastic.

I have watched the panasonic bonus disc version on my setup also, and don't remember the inconsistency
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Found another short reverse 3D shot halfway through CGI neural sync where Jake's mind enters his avatar body for the first time.

00:16:00 - 00:16:02
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If I were to e-mail Fox about these errors in hope that they will make a note to fix them for Avatar's next 3D re-release, who would I e-mail? FoxConnect.com, their Blu-ray store?
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i don't know if anyone at fox would care, but you could try tweeting james cameron.....it might bug him enough to eventually fix it (though he's unlikely to read it). or maybe he put them there for academic purposes or to mess with everyone lol.

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Good idea. I tweeted it to him.
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Originally Posted by BleedOrange11 View Post

Good idea. I tweeted it to him.

Haha! I thought of tweeting him as well. I emailed Fox support and they told me 'Thank you, but there's no problems reported.' I believe they also suggested a problem with my setup. So that was a brick wall.
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Buuuuut..wouldn't emailing Fox about a problem actually BE reporting a problem? I think THAT'S the brick wall.
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Those of you with Twitter accounts should try reaching Mr. Cameron that way. Most celebrities do read these things, so it's definitely worth a try. And while you're at it, tweet Robert Zemeckis and ask him to put "Beowulf" out on 3D Blu-ray now! smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Rudy1 View Post

And while you're at it, tweet Robert Zemeckis and ask him to put "Beowulf" out on 3D Blu-ray now! smile.gif
I don't think he has an official, real Twitter account.
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