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Aura transducer question

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I was curious.. at the moment I don't have a sub but when I get a sub from what I hear I would need a RCA Y cable and one end goes from the LFE and the other end to the sub and the end to the Amp for the transducer.. Does that sound right?

I would be using this on my bed so would a single Aura shaker been enough for a full size bed?
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Your connection is correct.
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One question one mounted under a full size bed is one enough?
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Just guessing but four might do the trick. I have 2 mounted under each home theater recliner in my setup. I also have the my sub output going to
a 250w Dayton plate amp which powers the shakers. With 4 shakers a 240/250w plate amp should be enough to power them.

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I have one mounted in a gaming seat, and I am planning to add a second one. I like a more subtle feel, but having only one just doesn't quite cut it.
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4 shakers for a full sized bed sounds excessive lol, but I have a dumb question.. for those that buy these plate amps.. just how are you installing the amp? Do you mount it in something?
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I don't mount my amp. It just sits on the floor, but it's out of site. Nice thing is I can just reach over and turn down the volume if I feel the vibrations from the shakers
is excessive. Other people build boxes to mount them in (see the last page on the Transducer/Bass thread). One guy has a picture of a box he made for his
plate amp complete with dimensions.

Of course you don't have to use a plate amp....you can get an amp with an enclosure. I could recommend one but right now but the PartsExpress web site
is currently screwed up.

The square footage of my two home theater recliners is about 8 sq ft.(seat(s) that you sit on). I would think that a full sized bed would be considerably larger.

Maybe if you sleep or lay in the same place then you might be able to get away with 2 shakers in that spot. Just my opinion.

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Four shakers might be excessive if you were talking about Buttkickers, but the Auras don't kick NEARly as hard. In fact, they don't really kick, so much as rumble.

As for the amp, I kinda cheated.... I built my own chair, so I was able to allow for a front-mounted amp for easy adjusting on the fly.
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When I watch tv I sit almost in the same area.. I've never held or felt one of these before but how my bed is I would need to put a wood board across so I could mount them, I assume I could still feel them just as good.

The parts express site works for me, and as far as the plate amp I was thinking that or this: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=302-601 the only thing about that amp is perhaps not enough breathing room?
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One more question before I order.. it's a silly one but you mount it with screws and on the underside it's like a felt looking cover is that the part that's going to be the strongest for the feeling or is the whole device going to feel the same as far as vibration?
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