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Problem with HDMI matrix switch and 3D

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I have a problem with my HDMI 4X2 matrix switch
The matrix switch is HDMI version 1.4 and 3D capable.
Information can be found here: http://www.hdconnectivity.com/matrix/4x2-hdmi-matrix-hkm42-uk.html

I have a Samsung 63" non 3D plasma TV and an EPSON 3D projector. My source is a Home Theater PC and I use Arcsoft Total Media Theater for Blu ray playback.
HTPC is connected to HDMi 1 on the switch, my Dreambox Satellite receiver to HDMI 2 in, my PS3 to HDMI 3 in and my Toshiba HD DVD player to HDMI 4 in.
HDMI 1 out of the switch goes to my 3D projector and HDMI 2 out of the switch to my Plasma TV.
Everything works great except from 3D. I cannot playback 3D from my HTPC to the projector (all other devices being switched off or to stand by)
If I disconnect my HTPC from the matrix switch and connect it directly to my projector, 3D playback is enabled

Here is a picture of my setup:

Is there a solution to my problem ???

Someone suggested to put this HDMI splitter on the HDMI out of the switch and then one connection to the TV and the other to the projector and 3D will be fine


Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english smile.gif
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You've hit a very common issue with HDMI matrix setups. You have a non-3D display in the mix, so the sources will see it, and adjust their output to be compatible with all the attached displays - which means no 3D.

So it's your plasma that is creating the incompatibility - if you disconnect it from the matrix, it should work. You may have to power cycle the gear, too...

Other than disconnecting the plasma when you want to watch 3D, the next solution would be an HDMI Detective device to place on the plasma's HDMI cable, set to report 3D capabilities. That would get 3D, but "no signal" on the plasma - if that's acceptable, it's probably your best bet without replacing the plasma...

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Thanks for the answer.
The plasma is in stanby mode (as all samsung tvs when you hit the power button). I thought that if the Plasma was in standby then it would not affect the setup.
Seems I was wrong....
What about the device I put the link. Will that work or it will be better with the HDMI detective.
And when you say no picture on the Plasma what do you mean ? Only when playing 3D (which I do only on the projector) or also when playing 2D ?
Thanks again for the help
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That splitter does have EDID management functions, so it can probably do the same job as the HDMI Detective. But you wouldn't want to hook both devices to it, as you'll be tying them together - negating the independent source features of your matrix.

But using that splitter just for the plasma is effectively the same as the Detective. But I'd go with the detective. Do try physically unplugging the plasma's HDMI cable though, to make sure everything else works before you go spending money...

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Hello Jeff,

If I understand correctly I have to update my setup as the diagram below:

Then I will be able to:

  1. Playback 3D content from my HTPC to my Projector
  2. Playback 2D from other sources to my Projector
  3. Playback 2D from all sources to my Samsung TV

using the HDMI matrix switch

Thanks a lot for the help
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You got it...

Do test the 3D without the plasma attached first, though.

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or this would be the correct setup ?

to program the HDMI detective with the EDID of the HTPC to output 3D and place it between the HTPC and the matrix switch ?
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I think you'll be better off with the Detective on the plasma's output. May not matter now, but if you add another source with advanced capabilities it would be in the wrong place. Put it as close to the 'problem' as possible...
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Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the answer.
but how I will full the HDMI matrix switch that my plasma tv is 3D with the HDMI detective ? I mean how to program it ?
I thought that I had to program it with my HTPC while playing 3D, so that is the reason I put it after the HTPC and befor the matrix switch on the last diagram smile.gif
Anyway, thanks a lot for your time.
I think I will order the detective.

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Hmmm... You'll want to teach the EDID of your 3D projector to the HDMI Detective, then place it in line with the plasma. It's the plasma's non-3D limitations that you want to mask from the rest of the system. But I wonder what audio capabilities your projector (or the wireless device) will report. I would hope that it would report full support since it doesn't care, but I'm not sure. Probably a question for Epson.

Looking around, there's a competing product called Dr. HDMI from Vidabox that might fit your needs better - their pre-defined/pre-programmed EDID settings include a 'full 3D / audio' set, which is what you're probably wanting to use...


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Thanks a lot Jeff !!!! smile.gif
I will contact Vidabox and ask them if Dr HDMI will solve the problem.
It seems that their pre-programmed EDID will suit me better thant HDMI detective plus.
Thanks a lot again for the great help.
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I had same problem with playing 3D through 4x2 matrix on my 3D enabled Optoma projector when 2nd matrix output was driving non-3D LCDTV. In my case solution turn to be very simple and it was to switch matrix output driving TV to any input other than the one that is feeding my 3D projector. Works fine everytime without a need to power cycle the matrix. The only thing I need to do sometimes when I forget is to reload the BD disk on my player. Here is my distribution diagram. All devices are networked. Green labels describe components with analog audio routing to my Zone 2 stereo amplifier. Connections outside the matrix allow my non-tech family members to access cable box, bluray player or other networked media players directly from LCDTV without a need to access the matrix.

Although some sources are connected to Matrix, II can still access Xtreamer through network shares using HD700 media player though Network Shares. The SlingCatcher is used only with LCDTV due to SD quality which does not make much sense on over 100 inch screen. To swiftly navigate through the matrix, I had to label OEM remote, looks cheap due to me being lazy to design and print some nice looking decals but it works"

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