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Scaling question. 1080p to 720p to 768p? or 1080p to 768p?

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Hello all. I recently joined the world of home entertainment. I have a question on the best output setting for my setup.

My setup consists of a Samsung 51 inch Plasma (The 430 Series) with a native resolution of 1366x768 and a refresh rate of 600Hz and a Samsung Home theater in a box, HT-E6500 blu ray player home theater system.

My question is on my blu ray players output setting...for blu ray movies, should I set my player to output 1080p so that the setup will down scale only once to the tv's native res of 1366x768...or should I set the output setting on the blu ray player to 720p so that the blu ray player will have to down scale to 720p and then the tv will have to upscale to 1366x768 resulting in double scaling? I've been scratching my head over this since it seems logical to set it at 720p since its closer to the tv's native res but it will cause the setup to double scale since blu ray movies are native 1080p. Also, would even setting it at 1080i be better?

Also, from the two settings in question...which one would be sufficient to stream netflix movies from the blu ray players smart hub netflix app?

and finally, my blu ray player provides the option to turn on 24fps. Should I view blu ray movies and stream netflix movies with this setting on? Or should I turn it off and watch content at 60Hz?

Thank You!
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First of all, welcome to AVS!

The theoretically correct answers are you should set the player to output 1080p, and you should enable its 24 frames per second output option.

The scaling answer is due to the fact that doing the scaling math twice allows 2 chances for artifacts to appear and also that scaling between resolutions which are close to one another (720 to 768) is more likely to produce artifacts.

The frame rate answer is that 1080p/24, for films on disc as /24, allows display without "cadence judder".

In practice, the correct answers depend on what your display does with that input. It may have a bug in its scaling algorithm for instance or may do something strange to 1080p input. Or it might not even ACCEPT 1080p -- allowing only interlaced 1080i. In which cases sending it 720p would probably look better.

Similarly, it may not accept 1080p/24, or it may do something odd with it. For example, some Samsung displays have a bug where they mess up their Black levels when fed /24.

So go to the display forum here and ask in the owner's thread for your model of display whether there's any known problems sending 1080p/60 or /24 to the display.
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Thank you for your help! I believe that I should set 24fps off so that the output would be 1080p/60...reason being is because I just noticed that when the output is at 720p...the 24fps option is grayed out and it only outputs at 60hz when its at 720p....so since my tv's native res is 768p, it will probably only do 60hz.. But thank you for your help again! I will set the blu ray to output 1080p, it after all did seem more logical and your post definitely helped clear things up.
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720p/24 is not a video signal that's supported in the HDM specifications. That's why you don't have that output option. It MAY still be the case that your display can do 768p at a refresh rate which is a multiple of 24fps if fed 1080p/24 input, but I agree that is unlikely.
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Interesting points made but unfortunately missed an important if not the most important consideration. wink.gif

TV manual p.16

Film mode (whatever it means) only available for 480i/1080i eek.gif

Thread really belongs to plasma forum.
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^ "Film Mode" (in the TV settings) has to do with adjusting how "de-interlacing" is done. It is irrelevant to the questions that were asked, since when the player outputs either 720p or 1080p it is THE PLAYER which is doing de-interlacing of any 480i or 1080i content, not the TV.
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Irrelevant in the Samsung perhaps but not in all plasmas. In the Kuro for example Film Mode settings affect the output frame-rate and applies to 1080p24 input too (Film Mode off results in everything in 60fps). In the Samsung from the manual description it seems sending 1080i turns out not to be the right answer but the point is first to check the manual what Film Mode does to what input resolution. Before checking the manual you can't be sure that it is irrelevant.
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