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5.1 or 7.1 and direct vs dipole -- small room

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Hello folks. I'm looking to purchase some surround speakers for my dedicated music/theater room, and would like some experienced opinions on what route to go. Title says it all, what route would be best. Ideally i could be able to mount to the walls since as you can see from the pics, i have doors everywhere, and space is limited. I have had my eye on some RBH surrounds, as well as the Axiom QS8, but i'm up for anything.

Room: http://imgur.com/a/LCsWU
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What is the brand of your front speakers? You're better off going with the same brand for ideal timbre matching. In a small room, I'd go with wall mount bipolar or tripolar speakers. Not a fan of strict dipole designed (completely out of phase) speakers as they tend to be too diffuse and could muck up directional panning cues. You could go 7.1, but the doors in the back of the room are going to be an issue with proper placement (unless you consider hanging them on the doors with enough extra cord to compensate for the swing). Also, it looks like you might be sitting too far away from your TV given its size. If you move closer, you'll have to re-position your left/right speakers.

Here is the basic layout for 7.1 with sides at 90 degrees to the listener and backs at 150.

Here is a handy distance to screen size viewing calculator:


Stay away from Axiom.
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I agree, its a bit far, but i wanted to make sure i was well out of the center of the room so as to not be affected as much by room modes. Do you have a couple brands you would recommend? Oh and BTW, those speakers shown are going upstairs, my usual mains are Paradigm S6 V2, i'm having a driver repaired. One day i will get the matching center, but that sucker is expensive, and i will be better off getting 5 or 7.1 going. The center i have isn't matched by a long shot, but its a pretty good center. AV123 X-CS Encore.
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I'm using bipolar sides in my small, 11' wide room. If you can't get a good distance from the listening area to the side surrounds, ie the person in the far right seat is closer to the more than say 2x closer to the right surround than the left, then you will be better off not using direct radiating speakers. It's an easy thing to test though. Just set up some speakers and see if you find it to localizable and if the sweet spot is too narrow.

The door to my room was in the way for the left rear surround so instead I decided to use the extra 2 channels for heights. Very happy with the result.
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Yea i can pull off 7.1. So now what brand. I have one negative vote for Axiom. RBH? Aperion? Emp? Emotiva?
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IMO I would first buy a paradigm matching center and not worry about surround for now. Then when you had the money I would buy the matching paradigm surrounds.
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