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Recommendations wanted for best paint to use in small dedicated theater with Epson 3010

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Hi everyone, I recently put together a dedicated home theater in a very small room, around 10' by 10' with 9' ceilings. I'm currently renting so I'd like to avoid a full blown repaint of the room if possible. Currently, I'm projecting directly onto the wall, which is painted a flat, light yellow color. Here is a quick list of the room conditions:

Size: approx. 10' 6" by 10' by 9'
Projector: Epson 3010
Throw Distance: approx. 8'10"
Screen Size: 90"
Wall Color: Flat, white yellow
Ceiling: Flat white popcorn texture
Light Control: One window in the room which currently has thick blinds and will also be covered with a curtain. There will be some ambient light during the day, however.

I'm looking for help deciding on the best screen paint to use. To maximize my screen size, I'm planning to bite the bullet and spray directly onto the drywall. I may in the future look into some additional room treatments to help further (combination audio room treatment/glare reducer via velvet covered pad along the ceiling in front of the screen?) but for now am looking to maximize the image quality within my current environment. Currently, there is a lot of reflection off the wall that lights the room up on bright screens and just generally detracts from the experience. I am also holding off on a thorough color calibration until after I have a quality screen up to calibrate against.

I've been reading whenever I have time but am impatient so I started buying the mixing materials for Silver Fire from the official thread. The more I read, though, the less sure I am that I'm going in the right direction, so I thought it prudent to ask some questions:
  • Is Silver Fire a good choice for my situation?
  • If so, which hue is recommended?
  • If not, what is a better choice?

My apologies for the noobish questions. I've been searching and reading as much as I can, but still haven't found anything that gives me confidence that I'm planning the best possible paint mixture to use. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated!
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I'm not sure what you have read that would steer you away from Silver Fire, and you do not elaborate...so I can't answer any such unknown concerns you might have in that respect.

Nothing short of a highly directional, retro-reflective screen will mitigate all the reflections you'll get in such a small room with such light surfaces. But with a 5010 and 90" screen, such would still blast that rear wall (...and your eyes...) with light...and the room would light up anyway.

You could instead do a darker version of RS-MaxxMudd Standard, but mixing the required reflectivity base components into a darker Gray Latex Flat Enamel Base such as "Veil"
Paint Code - 00NN 53/000 . . . "Veil" [N7.8] ......located in the "Glidden Master Palette" in the paint database at Lowe's. BTW....you can roll the altered mix I just suggested due to the diluted and masked nature of the reflectivity quotient.

Also, try to "center" the Screen on the wall between the Ceiling and Floor to help reduce proximity to either surface.. and lastly, purchase some inexpensive Black Velvet Drapery panels at WalMart and hang them on those side walls directly at either side of the Screen wall. (...use a simple Travis Rod)

With all that in play, your performance will rake a quantum leap forward.
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Thanks MM!

To clarify, I was thinking that SF may not be the best due to the reflective components in the mix potentially adding to the overall light reflected around the room, but I may be way off base on that. As an FYI I've already bought the spray gun as well as many of the ingredients for SF, and am absolutely willing to go that route if it is the best choice. If I go that route, I am guessing I should go with one of the darker hues?

On the other hand, if you think the hybrid MaxxMudd will work better in my situation I am willing to try that as well. Sorry for the confusion.

For reference, here are a couple of photos taken this morning. The first is with blinds closed but door open letting in some ambient light:

Here is another with lights turned on:

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One of the "good" aspects of all the "mississippi-pb" mixes is that they have very wide viewing cones. If nothing can be done to mitigate the white ceiling, that will always be a source of reflected light.

The altered RS-MaxxMudd mix allows you the use of all the reflectivity ingredients., but replaces the infinitely variable Colorant mix with a fixed, darker Gray base. This will attenuate the gain somewhat, and with Low Lamp engaged you should be within an acceptable range of performance that does not blast out excessive light, yet allows both the Gray base and the Silver / pearl to enhance the Colors and improve Contrast.

The mix will still benefit from being sprayed....absolutely.
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Ok, thanks again MM. This is REALLY helpful and I appreciate it. Looks like I'll be starting with the altered RS-MaxxMudd and adjusting as needed later on as I add additional room treatments to improve performance. Off I go to the RS-MaxxMudd thread to learn about the formula and application...
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Just to make sure I'm following you correctly, I believe you are saying to take the following mix:

RS-MaxxMudd v.2.1
(for low to moderate ambient light)

16 oz Liquitex Basics Silver
16 oz Rustoleom Metallic Accents - White Pearl
10 oz Behr 1850 Ultra Pure White - Flat

12 oz. Minwax Polycrylic - Satin finish
16 oz. distilled/tap water**

And then add the Gray Latex Flat Enamel Base you referenced above. Is that correct? If so, how much of the gray latex do you recommend adding?
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