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trying to reuse some satillite speakers - update: bought a new system :D

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ask me anything about video hardware/codecs/inputs/output and I'm all over it. but i dont know much of anything about sound - so i need some advice:

my klipsch promedia 4.1 system kicked the bucket after 10 years. I was really happy with it and never considered buying or upgrading to anything else. Just a couple days ago the sub blew out - it only makes rattling scratchy noises now. I opened up the sub and disconnected it, so i'm essentially using the satellite speakers now. Anyway, I'd like to get some bass back.

I'm thinking i'll toss the sub/amp and reuse the satellite speakers. I use the speakers for music and movies (usually always connected to my laptop, or ipod).

I'm thinking of getting this sub: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002KVQBA

Now, what exactly do I need to get up and running? I don't want to get a huge receiver. I don't need any functions except on/off and volume control (sound will come from computer). Is there a small amp I can use?

also a plus if it was vintage, or vintage looking. I don't want to spend more than $150 on the amp, or integrated amp, whatever it might be. Would love some suggestions on what would work best for the sub and satellite speakers i'm using.

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This is a photo of the back of that sub. do the satillite speakers connect to the amp or the sub? how does this all work. thx
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Probably the best way to go is with a stereo receiver. Sherwood makes a decent one and it should power two of those promedia speaker just fine. I don't know if it'll power all four. With the Polk sub you'd need to route the speaker wires directly to the sub then out to the speakers. Thats how the sub picks up the audio signal. You'd adjust the crossover and gain level at the back of the sub.

You could go with a Lepai Tripath amp - sounds pretty good for its size. I've been playing around with one for a year or so. Works surprisingly good for what it is. It won't give you the functionality of the Sherwood but it will amplify the audio signal for those speakers.
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Originally Posted by northeast12 View Post

This is a photo of the back of that sub. do the satillite speakers connect to the amp or the sub? how does this all work. thx

The Sherwood RX-4105 stereo receiver is a good budget choice, usually available for around $100..
Note that for connecting up see below:
1. The L/R satellite speakers connect to the subwoofer's Speaker Level L/R Out
2. The loudspeaker outputs (L/R) from the Sherwood go to the subwoofer's Speaker Level L/R In

Just my $0.02... wink.gif
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thanks for the help, i understand how it all connects up now.

So i'm ready to buy, I found some cool integrated amps, I just want to know if they are powerful enough for my existing speakers (looks like I'll only be using 2 satellite speakers) and 1 sub (linked from amazon).

so with my speakers and sub, which one of these would work best (these will work, right?)

I def want to stay under $200 or less on the amp. most important i want the amp to be compact - i dont want a huge receiver.
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can anyone confirm if one of those options will work? thx
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Aren't the Promedia 4.1 speakers computer speakers? they're powered speakers that use a 3.5mm input. How exactly do you connect these to a standard AVR?
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So if I understand the use (source) in the matter, it is mainly from a laptop or an Ipod? Planned connectivity is going to be the use of a y cable (mini-jack to RCA)? The 3 options you posted above will work...it's not the route I would go. The sound you are going to obtain from this idea is going to be shat...at the budgeted cost of $200.00?

Jump online and check out the Audioengine A2. The cost is relative to your budget and the sound quality will be MUCH better than the approach you are taking with this Klipsch sats. Purchase made, you can throw those sats on CL for sale and get some money back.


Denon has a two channel system (D-M37) that is desktop size. The cost is about $50.00 over your budget but (IMHO) well worth it as it allows for ample desktop sound with the available option for a future addition of a sub.
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ok ive been doing more reading.

I'm thinking of getting the Audioengine A2 + a subwoofer. how will this compare to the Klipsch system i was used to?
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alright, ive placed my order!

I've been doing a lot of reading in the last week or two learning a little bit about audio. @mitchellin - you really got me thinking about re-using the klipsch satillites. I decided, i've had those for 10 years, it's about time to put some $$ down for a proper upgrade. Here is what I went with:

Audioengine P4 Premium Passive Bookshelf Speaker Pair - $249

Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Monitor Series Powered Subwoofer - $79

FiiO A1 Mini 2x14W Class-D Digital Audio Amplifier - $59

(also ordered 16g speaker wire to hook it all up).

Total cost of equipment: $387

I think it'll be worth the cost, and this system will sound a lot better than my old klipsch system did. looking forward to setting it up!! biggrin.gif
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It looks as if this will be much better of an idea than trying to use the old sats. Have you thought about a DAC?

Post some pics when you get everything set up.
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mitchellin - you have me confused now lol. I just looked up what a dac is - so it coverts the digital signal coming from my laptop (apple)/ipod to an analog signal for the amp. Is this necessary? How much of a difference would it make, and how much would this cost. I was hoping i wouldnt break $400.
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this one is only $25 bucks. but now I would need some type of adapter to get my headphone out (from laptop/ipod) to a coaxial plug? bah, i think i'll just pass on this unless you can convince me otherwise.

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read up on the DAC, decided I don't need one. Output from my macbook headphone port should be fine.

also I had to cancel the shipping on the Polk subwoofer because I was away for thanksgiving and it was going to be delivered while i was gone. On a whim, when re-ordering, I decided to get the PSW111 instead:

Should have everything set up by the end of the week and I'll post some pics.

I'm thinking this new setup should be better than my klipsch promedia speaker/sub, is that a fair expectation? biggrin.gif
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one more question:
What should i set the subwoofers lowpass to for these speakers? I've been reading about lowpass filters for about an hour, and I understand what it is, but I still don't understand how to calculate the setting. My guess is the 58Hz is the low setting on the speakers, so it would be good to set my bass to Around 60?
here are the specs for the speakers:

P4 Technical Specifications
2-way passive, front ported design
88dB (2.83v@1m)
Frequency response
Nominal Impedance
4-8 Ohms
Crossover Frequency
2.8 kHz
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