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Amazon Instant Video Come to Samsung TVs

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Samsung announces it will be adding Amazon Instant Video to its ever-growing library of streaming content apps for their TVs.

The Amazon Instant Video app is available now for download via Samsung Apps to any 2012 smart Samsung TV, the TV maker said. Amazon Instant Video will deliver access to a library of more than 140,000 movies and commercial-free TV shows.

A little bit on the UI.
The new app features a redesigned user interface that is optimized for a living room experience. It also supports advance streaming technologies and such features as Your Watchlist, closed captions and tailored content recommendations.

What about Prime members?
Amazon Prime members can also watch more than 30,000 titles on Prime Instant Video at no additional cost.

I like seeing TV makers adding more apps to their smart TVs.
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I didn't see the app in the list and just typed it in through the search feature. It popped up and downloaded without any issues.
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It looks like this doesn't support Dolby Digital for Amazon Instant Video like Roku or PS3 supports. Disappointed to see PLII Cinema after downloading and trying to watch Iron Man2 which is DD.
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I'll have to test this at my friends house, who has a supported TV.
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I will now have to check this out. On my Samsung I have to use a Yahoo widget to access Amazon Instant Video and they only give you a handful of videos to search through.
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I'd rather have the chick in the picture. tongue.gif
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I have signed up for the free one month trial, I have already made up my mind to go with it. My daughter is always asking what to give the wife and I for Xmas I said how about a Subscription to Amazon Prime. She is now giving us a year sub. for my bday and our Xmas present. Can anyone else think of a better way to try something out. Just saying.
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