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$500 Projector for a Church

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This isn't the first time I've asked this question however, in years past whenever my church claimed to actually have the $500... they didn't really have it. So, I did some research which ultimately only wasted my time.

Anyways,... My wife and kids go to a local church that wants a budget projector. Having hosted movies for the church in my home theater for years now,... they assume I'm an expert.

My own projector is a Sony VW60. (Which is usually not $500 and typically less bright than the business class projectors.)

The church has borrowed a Sharp XR-10X projector from one of it's members and they have been satisfied with it's brightness and overall performance.

A few years ago,.. this notion was a bit easier as you could only find one or two projectors for $500 but now on any given day Best Buy and Staples both have something on sale at that price.

So,... anyone care to make some recommendations? There's no way I am the expert they think I am because I haven't seen so many projectors at that price in action and there are a lot of models to choose from. Epson and Optoma have a few possibles.

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Ok,.. Ill try to figure out.

I'm leanin Epson ex5210.
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Infocus IN124 came up in a search at, http://www.projectorreviews.com/projector-search.php
It meats your $500 price. 449 at newegg and has a little more brightness than the ex5210 if you wanna consider that.
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Thank you,

I had not seen that.

It's certainly a direct upgrade from what they have been using, I kind of discount DLP because I'm not familiar with it but they have been using a DLP pj and loving it so I will read up on it.

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Dead thread but,... This church got its projector today.

Got an open box epson 5210 at best buy for $360.

Looks new,... Who knows,... Resetting the lamp timer is easy.

The preacher is happy. We tried it out and it's bright and beautiful and easy to use.
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