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Recomendation on what I am plotting.

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I need an upgrade and could use some recomendations. I am currently running a 4 or 5 year old yamaha HTIB set up. It has the HTR-6050 reciever and the NS-AP7800 speaker set up. I have no real issue with the current set up except I am running out of HDMI inputs in the tv and the old reciever is not 3d, and have to upgrade anyway. The current set up is plenty loud but the quality leaves a little to be desired.

My living room in 18Lx17Wx9H. I am looking to go one of three routes, or maybe more..

1. a RX-V473 with the current speakers. $400
2. a new HTIB Yamaha YHT-897. $750
3. a RX-V473 + NS-F150 + NS-P150 + YST-SW215 $1250ish

Basically will the overall replacement justify the $500 difference over just going with the 897 HTIB? And if not, is it even worth the extra $350 for the HTIB compared to my current setup with the new reciever? Is there a better recomendation for my setup? I've been a fan a yamaha for a while, but really havn't heard much else recently to compare it to.

Thanks for any input.

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Well, long term, it makes NO SENSE to have an almost 500 dollar AV-rec running 100 dollar speakers! Obviously, option 3 make the most sense. However, I haven't heard great things about Yamaha speakers and I think you can get better deals on other brands.
If you live near a Fry's, the Infinity Primus speakers (p363 for 99/speaker and the p163 for just over 100/pr) would be good options.
The Polk Monitor series is often on sale at NEw Egg, although I am not as big a fans of these as some are...
The Pioneer (Andrew Jones?) series can often be had, full 5.0 set up for around 500 dollars, again, New Egg.
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I agree with the above. Buy something like this for a receiver:

This gives you 6 HDMI in and 1 out, along with Audyssey MultiEQ XT for $249.

What is your budget here? I also think you can do much better than HTIB speakers, at least for your mains and sub. But a budget is needed.

Also what size is your room?
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