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Just got a PT-50LC14

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Hello, I'm looking to see if anyone with experience fixing these tvs would tell me if its worth fixing the problem I'm having.
When I press the power button, after green flashes, the power led flashes 5 times every 5 seconds and the temp led flashes once every 5 seconds.
According to the service manual, this means that there is an abnormal voltage on 30v line.
It suggest to replace the power c.b.a, and if that does not work to replace the main c.b.a. then the tuner c.b.a.
When I picked up the tv I was hoping it was a matter of changing the lamp, but it looks like this might be too expensive and complicated to make it worth while.
Can anyone tell me if I could fix this myself and if I can fix for less than $300. Now a days, u can get a new lcd for around that price.
Thanks in advance!!!
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I don't think there are too many 50" flat panels around $300 and if there was, I surely wouldn't want one.

Given the fact you are light years ahead of 95% that post here by having the service manual and actually knowing what you are reading, without knowing the prices for those boards, the technology of LCD RPTV's was never that great in the 1st place. I wouldn't really bother with it. But that's just me, especially if this is your main TV.

BUT, if this is something for a spare room or basement, try reseating all the connectors and start shopping for those boards.
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Thanks videobruce. I will keep trying to fix by myself. i did reseat all the connectors. I'm going to put it all back together and see if it works. Thanks again for your response!!!
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There are a number of links to outside sites for repair that might help in my repair thread, wink.gif
Post back.
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