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P65VT50, P65GT50, or P65ST50 - Will the ST50 Dissapoint?

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After much research, I believe I have narrowed my selection down to Panasonic's 65" 2012 plasma models (I am still open to persuasion otherwise, but these are what I've been leaning towards).

My question: : I stand to save a decent amount going with the P65ST50 over the GT or especially the VT. Do you think it will make a major difference for me? I would love to have the cost savings of the ST, but am open to the GT and maybe the VT if there is a substantial advantage.

Also, what is my best method of acquiring the recommend model most economically?

Relevant Info:

-Primary use: HDMI connected MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (running windows 7, playing 10-20GB sized MKV files coming from an ethernet connected NAS

-Streaming from HBO Go and Netflix using above computers

-Web browsing from the couch using the above computers/wireless keyboard and mouse

-Occasional Blu-ray and game play from an HDMI connected PS3

-Full size eastern facing sliding door and window about 5 feet from left side of TV, perpendicular to it, panel blinds currently, don't mind buying light blocking curtains

-Hoping to use it for about 5 years or so and then get something bigger when we own a house

Thank you very much for any advice or insight that you can provide!

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You'll get better answers from others as I'm sure they've done a more thorough research that I did but FWIW here's my opinion.

Budget wasn't a concern this time around for me, I was contemplating picking up the Sony 65HX950 (in Canada, it's $6K) which is 50% more than what I can get the 65VT50 for. I compared all three plasmas and for my own use and preferences, I ended up with the 65GT50.

The ST50 wasn't an option for me as I wanted THX mode and in hindsight I don't regret it. THX Day and Night modes on the GT are awesome, that's all I use now even for gaming. The 4 HDMI ports was also a must, I'm already using three and will be getting an AppleTV soon to occupy the forth port.

The GT's dual-core processor also makes Viera Cast/Internet Apps really smooth, on the ST I found them to be a little sluggish. Also, the aesthetics of the GT's bezel won over the wife factor. The ST looks like cheap plastic sitting next to it.

Having said all that, if none of those are important to you, then the ST is a better choice value-wise. They have the same panel so the ST can produce as good an image as the GT can (with calibration).

At one point I did compare the VT and the GT but I wasn't planning on getting a pro-calibration done so the added pro settings/tools on the VT were meaningless to me. Also the VT has an overall darker image (for slightly better blacks) so I thought in the long run if I ever place the TV in a bright room the GT might perform better. For the price difference I just didn't see any added benefit to the VT (I was able to get the 65GT50 for 2/3 the price of the 65VT50).

I think any of the three is a great set, it just depends on what features/benefits are important to you. If you get the chance to look at them side by side, do it.
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I ended up going with the VT to be on the safe side as I know that if I got the ST or GT I'd always wonder what I could potentially be missing. Thank you for your advice!

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Go with the ST 50 and then sell it about this time and get the 2013 ST which will be better then the VT50 this year

The GT and VT are a waste of money unless you plan on keeping the TV for more than 2 years
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