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1/2 gallon of water poured on receiver, any chance of survival?

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Like the title says, baby niece completely unloaded a gallon of water right onto my thousand dollar receiver, directly into the slits on top, didn't stop her til it was over half empty. It wasn't plugged in at the time, it's been drying a couple days, I feel like it's shot, but any tip or anything is greatly appreciated. No hurry so I can let it sit for however long. I sat it upside down initially overnight. The water was distilled water. Any advice is appreciated, thanks
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It is possible it will work since it was not plugged in. I'd put it in a warm place to completely dry before powering any circuits.

When you do plug it in again, post the result. I'll be curious.
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Fill a garbage bag with rice and set the receiver on top of the rice. Close the garbage bag up and seal it and leave it for 2 days. The rice will absorb all the water, even the trace amounts. If that does not work, pretty sure it is toast.
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Having soaked a couple of pieces of electronics before, I know how you feel. But based on my experience, your outlook is actually pretty good. Use wyattroa's method above. Make sure the bag is sealed up tight. Since it was distilled water, and since it didn't have power at the time, your chances of a full recovery are as good as they could possibly be in your situation. Hd it been unplugged for a while before it happened? Did it make any noises or release any of its magic smoke when it happened?
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Ditto on a good prognosis. Distilled water is much better than apple juice or cola or...

I've had very good results by taking cabinets/covers off of electronics and first drying with a hair-dryer. Once you see that you've gotten the obvious moisture taken care of then comes the "patience game". Wait, wait, wait.

We have a geothermal system in our house and our air return is in the floor. We will sit stuff needing "drying" over the grates for the return vent...this is normally dry air and it whisks away the moisture from the item fairly fast.

The big thing is not applying any power until the electronics are DRY.


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Wow, I'm feeling much better, at least I have a decent shot. I will try the rice method, basically I just sit it on top of the rice and then close the bag? It will still absorb water even if there's no direct contact to the water?

And the receiver wasn't powered on for quite a while. It was sitting in the corner of best buy as an open box and it didn't even have a power cord. It annoyed me at the time, but looks like that may be what saves me. And there was no smoke or sparks or anything like that.

I'll give it a couple weeks time maybe, it wasn't being actively used so it's no inconvenience for me. I'll be sure to post results.
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Is there any worry of corrosion or anything like that? Any precautions I should take against that?
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My Wife put her iPhone 4S in the washer for 35 minutes. It was in an otter box but still! eek.gif we put it n a bag of rice with silica gel packets (opened) for 12 hours. Then took out ad examined and then put back in for another 10. Phone has worked perfect ever since. eek.gif

There is always hope. smile.gif
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I will just throw in this on top of what they said, I have had many electronics that seemed to be half broke and or completely broke after a water indecent. However in many cases after the electronics sat for a very long time they became better. I had a phone that I gave up on and actually replaced, 2 weeks later I just tried it for the heck of it and it worked. I have had keyboards that I thought were shot and they slowly improved over a month or 2.

So as horrible as this may sound I would say leave it unplugged and keep it extremely dry for at least a week maybe 2. However I know that will be difficult so after 2 or 3 days you probably have a decent chance. One thing though is a receiver can probably push a ton more power if something shorts. So maybe my good luck with smaller electronics will not carry over.

My guess is that there are just so many incredibly tight places water could end up that some of them take much longer than you would think to fully dry out.
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Update on this thread, hooked it up for the first time two days ago, works good as new.

Gave it basically about 3.5 weeks of drying time. One of those weeks it spent in a garbage bag with rice, as people had mentioned above. I'm pretty surprised but extremely happy with the results, many thanks to everyone who gave advice. I think I lucked out by not having the unit plugged in when it got soaked.
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Wow, thats just amazing that the receiver still works, Glad to hear!! I never knew of the rice/trash bag trick. smile.gif
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Some great tips in this thread. Awesome that it works again!
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My daughter poured a bottle of water on the old laptop she watches cartoons on while it was running. Put it in a bag of rice for 2 weeks and it was fine!
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