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The "Show us ya Pet" Thread

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Ok someone has to bite the bullet and start this, there has been a lot of chat recently about our extended families of AVS members, so here we are a chance to share some pics and stories about the "AVS Builders Official Support Crew" - might be four legged, fury, scaly, feathered or whatever else floats your boat. If you've got a shot of them in your rooms, even better!

Now I think its probably fairly true that most of us DIY dedicated room builders have building talent that lies outside our basements. So if you're constructed something special for say your pooch, lets see it.

Here are our two, Zeus and Maia (Chocolate Labradors):


Here's the little house our back:

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Don't have a dedicated theater or build project yet, but I saw the pics and had to respond. Your dogs are beautiful. I've got a black lab. (Daphne). The picture itself looks great. What did you use to take it? And the 2nd pic appears to be the doghouse?? Anyway, you've got some excellent building skills and good looking dogs.
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The picture itself looks great. What did you use to take it?

Thanks - was with a Canon 5DII with a 70-200 2.8IS MKI, I dont recall the metadata, but it was taken early in the morning - beautiful light filtered by the neighbours tree
And the 2nd pic appears to be the doghouse??

Yep the "little house" as my wife calls it.....part of the reason the brakes are on for the theater......when building it, the Mrs said "it needs to fit these two stretcher beds - you work out the rest" quite a sum of time and money later that is what we ended up with.
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Come on guys, the concept of this thread was mentioned 10 times (I counted) in other threads recently, lets see them
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My boy Dom hanging out on his bed.

Yah he's spoiled.
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Yay! I was waiting for someone to start this.

I present..... The Austin Family dogs!

Ready for some DIY projects.

Because ONE flower bed just isn't good enough.

Someone wants to go for a ride.

I guess someone else got jealous.

Because it's SO hard being a Saint Bernard.

"I got here first." "Well I'm not moving."

Her favorite seat in the house!

For those of you keeping track, the pups are, from oldest to youngest:
Belle-Shitzu Poodle mix
Minnie-Boston Terrier
Jessica-English Bulldog
Boo-Saint Bernard
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Heres my dog Ford waiting patiently to watch Snow White and the Huntsman.

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Here are our 3 little hairless monsters. The one on the left (Remus) gets into EVERYTHING, and has been "assisting" on my theater build since day one, he just wants to be involved in whatever I'm doing whether it's painting, wiring or installing equipment.

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Here are our four legged family members.


Here's Tucker. Quite possibly the most stubborn animal on the planet....... Well, maybe second to me smile.gif


And George is a rescue. I'm told he looks pretty mean, but he's a big teddy bear and is afraid of his own shadow. Of course, I don't tell the door-to-door salesmen that rolleyes.gif

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Can you spot the kitten? smile.gif

Here's an earlier pic when he was ~4 weeks old

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aaustin - my god! how big is your house? I take it you're either really, really fit or on a bit of land? Love the shot of the Saint Bernard - I've always wanted one

Very cute kitten.....does your sub get warm?

Its interesting, our boy snuggles up next to my sub when we're watching movies e.g. slept through Dark Knight, which puts the sub to a good test....I dont get it
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Originally Posted by Elill View Post

aaustin - my god! how big is your house? I take it you're either really, really fit or on a bit of land? Love the shot of the Saint Bernard - I've always wanted one

Our house isn't very big (about 2,100 square feet not including the basement), but honestly it isn't very hard taking care of them. They all get along well and four of the five are rather small so everyone fits comfortably. We have a pretty large backyard that is fenced where they all run around.

I can't say that I have a favorite, but I love the Saint. She is 100% loyal and wants to be with you all the time. She still sits on my lap on the couch. They are wonderful dogs.

Keep posting pics everyone. All of the furry friends are adorable. biggrin.gif
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I'm bumping this thread. Any more "building buddies" that people want to share?
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My best hunting partner...

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Here's Max. This was taken about 5 minutes after the carpet went down. He's a Yellow Lab, English breed. They're shorter and stockier. Not that you can tell here.


Here's a link to my thread of my favorite story about him....read this then scroll down a couple to get the rest of the story. Longtime readers of my thread will remember it.

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This is Lillie, a 10 month old Havanese that weighs in at 12 pounds: she is adorable and very smart

My family has been displaced as our house was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy: we are staying with relatives who have a Golden, Daisy, who weighs in at 100 pounds.

They became best friends and play all day: she will miss Daisy when we move back to our house. We hope to move back upstairs in January but repairs will not be complete until spring
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Dave; What a beautiful dog! That is very cool that you've trained him to go hunting with you.

Tom; Of course he has to be the first one to try out the new carpet. biggrin.gif I had not seen that story before now. Very funny!

Mark; Lillie is very cute. I'm sorry to hear about the damage to your house. Hopefully everything will move quickly for you and Lillie can have Daisy over for a play date soon. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by aaustin View Post

Dave; What a beautiful dog! That is very cool that you've trained him to go hunting with you.

+1 that is awesome. I reckon we could train our girl as a hunting dog, the boy though is useless for that kind of thing. He'd just sit there with a look on his face saying "you shot it, you go get it!". In saying that he freaks when I go under water and comes after me, so thats nice smile.gif

They are great swimmers though. I'm pretty fast in the water and I cant keep up:

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