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Denon Turntable issue

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My Denon DP-40F has been rock solid for all the 30+ years I`ve owned it, until recently. I had moved, and it was boxed up for several months. All in it`s original packaging and not knocked around at all. So now that I finally have all of my audio equip set up for it in my new location, I plug in the turntable and get a moderatly loud hum with the red power light on for a second, so I shut it down. I tried it again with the same results, and a third time with the hum at a lower volume. I also tried it at another receptical location with the same low hum and a short blink of the red power light.

I did remove the two platter clamp screws, as I always used them to transport on rare occasions.

I hope this is something I can fix. Sure do not want to go thru the hassle and expence of sending/bringing it somewhere. I checked this forum a bit, including the service manual incase there might be something I could find, but no luck.

Of course, any thoughts are greatly appreciated,
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There should be a wire or ground screw from the underside of the TT metal baseplate. This wire must be attached to the ground screw on your AVR. This screw will be marked GND on the AVR rear plate.
This of course is the last connection after you verify that the RCA audio cables are firmly set in their respective jacks. The shields on the RCA cable are NOT sufficient.
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Yes, I do know about the importance of the ground. This is something different. Some kind of powere issue. I checked out the inside of the unit looking for anything out of the ordinary, checked a fuse and cleaned up a little dust. Gonna box it up and bring it to a DENON service ctr in north Jersey.
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I never had a "power issue" in a turntable affecting the audio after 30+ years of servicing TTs. I HAVE had poor grounds, busted tone arm lead wires, open cartridge windings etc, but the only turntables I have seen (old days, granted) have ONLY a motor, switch and an AC line cord. In any event , unless there is a built in phono preamp so the output is actually line level, there is nothing in the audio path from the cartridge to the RCA output cables.
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" ............... power issue" in a turntable affecting the audio ............."

We might be thinking of two different things here. My TT is not powering up. The power light on the DENON blinks on for a second and goes out when plugged in the AC outlet and the power button turned on. Plus there is a hum comming from the TT. My audio system is not turn on. My connections are clean, ground to the AVR good, and I checked the outlet for 120V.

I just dropped it off at a DENON service center today. Though they are a authorized DENON center, I am a bit worried about the way they took my TT in. Said they didn`t need the box it was in, and when I asked if they wanted the platter, they acted like they were`nt sure so took everything. Did they want it all put together and put in a plastic trash bag?

They put a single scratch on this baby, and they are going to have a problem with me..........................
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