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I seem to be suffering from the noise issue again, and it is definitely being caused by the motherboard/CPU.

Current setup:

CPU: AMD Athlon x2 270
Motherboard: Asrock 990FX Extreme4
RAM: 4gb Geil
SSD: 60GB OCZ Vertex 2

When I originally had a Sempron single core CPU in there, there was no noise, and since upgrading the x2 270 I get a fair bit of noise at the listening position. I'd happily go back to the Sempron but it is not powerful enough to play Bluray's or other 1080p content.

I am curious as to what other people are using in regard to PC specs? I'm wondering if I should stump up for a nice lower power i3 system, but I'd hate to go down that road and still have the noise!
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Sorry to hear about the noise issue. I have had this in the past with a few builds and various sound cards. After long and maddening process of elimination the issues were caused by grounding or magnetic interference thrown by the video card. One grounding issue was caused by a motherboard mounting post that was contacting a solder joint which overlapped the mounting area slightly and was touching the mounting post. I could not see this till I took the motherboard out and looked at the bottom. Another issue was caused by a cheap nic. The video card did cause interference when it was too close to the sound card. I keep my sound card in the very last slot and the video card in the very first slot now. I don't run SLI anymore. The issue I had was while running SLI. To confirm, is the buzz you're getting exactly like the buzz you get when you have a ground loop issue on the power source for amps? If so, it's probably grounding somewhere in your box. If the noise is variable based on load on the video card then look there first. Run a graphic intensive application or game and get the card hot and ramp up the fans. If the noise goes up then you may not have to check the entire box for unwanted grounding. Mess with the video card(s). I also remember reading that having a sound card in close proximity to platter hard drives can cause magnetic interference as well. I have never seen this. There may be other explanations but this has been my experience. I run an i7 920 with gtx470 today with no issues. I hope that helps.
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Thanks for the reply Delacroix. Based on your recommendations, I am going to test an i3-3220T on a little gigabyte itx mobo today. Just waiting to windows to finish the installation. Will post back with some results later. Hopefully its positive, otherwise I will have to look into the PSU.
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