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Confused about why my Active Shutter 3D Glasses will not work with my new Mitsubishi 73642

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I bought the 65737 when it came out and got everything working perfectly and ended up with 6 pairs of nice active shutter glasses. I just recently upgraded to the 73642 which of course has the adaptor built in but still uses the IR emitter. For some reason i couldn't get the 3D to work. The TV was/is spectacular, and after 2 days of headaches I finally tried the glasses that came with the new TV. One has to buy a package with an emitter that comes with a pair of Xpand Mitsubishi glasses. I could tell it was better, and after some experimenting I changed the TV settings to "Reverse" instead of Standard.

After that, the 3D was flawless. it's not the end of the world that I'll have to buy a few more pairs of glasses, but it amazes me that no one at Mitsubishi warned me of this, and that it doesn't seem to be common knowledge. It also doesn't make much sense to me. I thought the active shutters were pretty much the same, and I never heard of having to use Reverse for these glasses to work correctly on a Mitsubishi DLP.

Just curious if some of you understand what is going on here, and if it makes sense. There is always the possibility that something is wrong and that I just found a work around.
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I have the 92840 and use the Samsung Mitsubishi active glasses in standard. If I use my one pair of Xpand I have to turn them upside down if I want to watch together with the Samsung glasses. So yes they are reverse. I don't use the Xpand because of their expensive batteries. The standard batteries I buy for 10 cents each on the internet.
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Well thanks. At least I now know the only glasses that work on my TV are Reverse. My other active shutter glasses don't work at all.
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I don't know why Mistsubishi changed their emitter but they did. When I got my new 73642 after having the 65737, I was told I had to buy a package with a new emitter and it came with a new pair of Expands 3DG-EX 103. I didnt' really mind, I figured the new emitter might work better than my 2 yr old one. But it turns out that the new emitter doesnt' work at all with my old glasses and the glasses have to be set it Reverse. I tried my old emitter, and it works just fine but I still have to use Reverse on my Mits TV setttings. I've been scouring the web looking for an old emitter but can't find one without buying the $500 package from Mits. I have been coming across various other emitters that claim to be better and will work with my older TV. I ordered one pair, but of course it's a crapshoot. Does anybody know for sure and emiiter that will work with the original active shutter glasses, or maybe I am doing something wrong. I don't thinks so because i have spent hours checking different options.

BTW, the reason I can't just keep my old emitter is that I sold the TV to a friend and obviously he needs it for his TV. Other than that I love my new 73 incher.
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Do your sets have the 3-pin VESA port for 3d? If so there is a universal IR emitter that works with a ton of different glasses.


3DTVcorp is great (the maker) - contact them directly to see if your glasses will work:

I highly recommend 3D TVCorp.
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Thanks very much. Ironically, I just discovered them myself this afternoon. I talked to someone who I think was the owner. He assured me that the $25 one would work fine for me, and I could still use my old glasses. I'm kind of pissed at Paul's TV for making me buy this new emitter that only works with the more expensive Xpands. I already have 7 of the original active shutter glasses, so I'm glad I discovered a solution. Now I have to get Paul's to take back the stupid emitter and Xpand glasses.

I have to admit that the glasses are very nice and slightly more comfortable, but I'd have to spend another $360 to have the same setup I have now. That potato cod on the Imax Under the Sea movie looks even more amazing on the 73 inch model!
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Now it makes sense. My new 92" has the adaptor built in but I used the emitter from Mitsubishi's $400 package that I had bought previuusly for my previuos 73" and current 82" DLPs, The 82" is in our bedroom but I did not want to spend $100 for another emitter even though I now have the xtra adaptor. The $25 emitter is the perfect solution if I want to watch 3D in the bedroom. Thanks.
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The old emitter is based on the Samsung IR protocol. The new emitter is based on the Panasonic IR protocol. The Panasonic IR protocol is the basis of the new multi-brand standard call M3Di. Since it looked like M3Di was becoming the new standard for IR, Mitusbishi switched. The 3DG-EX103 were designed to be compatible with both protocols so that Mitsubishi customers had an IR glasses solution regardless of which Mitsubishi IR emitter they have.
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