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Btw, 3 yards of spandex is a lot for a 110" screen.

I didn't take exact measurement, but it's at least 100" in length, without stretching.

I was able to spread it out and cover by entire 96x54 frame, with room to spare.
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I finished up my frame tonight as well. Hope to have my spandex possibly tomorrow. I do like the brightness of the SW extra white. It looks almost to bright. I prefer the silver. The one thing that really stood out to me in your pictures was the first spiderman photo. The SW extra white his suit looks nearly orange, while on the silver his suit is a deep sexy red.
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I agreed with you Duke.

I like Gray too, it always offer deeper blacks and colors.

It just that the overall image is a bit too dark for my taste. Watching a 2 hour movie on gray screen almost always hurt my eyes.

I started with the SW gray paint, but then switched to white because I prefer a brighter image.

I am sure many people would be happy with a gray screen.
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I will be getting some moleskin matte silver and also some of that metallic matte silver. Figured I could try the metallic out. Worst case scenario I would just use the Metallic as a backer to the moleskin.
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Cool. Post up some pics when you got it all together.
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Unless my eyes are cheated by some spell, the left hand side looks way better to me. I ordered the silver, but perhaps I need to be using the white as the main screen, then back it with the silver. My plan was just to order enough of the silver to do two layers. Bad idea??? Buyers remorse sucks.

Smokarz, I'm with you. I like the brighter image and damnit I shoulda gone with the white spandex. It's not a big deal for me to order it, though, so I may just end up doing that and posting my results.
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Any / every screen application is tied to both the PJ used and the room it resides in.

One cannot make an assumption based on another's singular comment...and Smokarz was talking about his switch to White "Paint" from a "Gray" paint.
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MM is right.

The correct screen has lots to do with the PJ, the room, and most of all your preference.

Something that works best for me, might not be for you.

I would suggest you take sometimes to play around with the different colors and see what work best for you. The good thing is that the spandex is not expensive.

And don't get me wrong, I do like gray. It's just too dark for my taste. You want brightness to be around 12ftL - 16ftL. But some like it brighter, and some prefer a slightly darker image.

So bottom line is, one size does not fit all.
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The comparison is painted white vs. silver matte moleskin not stretched and not backed with stretched white either. So to judge the moleskin silver with this is not fair. I'm not saying that it will look the same as the painted white, just pointing this out so people don't think the silver moleskin will look exactly like this.

With this said the painted white image looks great smile.gif
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Kristofer is correct.

The silver moleskin was not probably stretched and fitted on a frame, so take it for what it's worth.

However, it will be much darker than a white screen, that I am certain.

But look at the blacks on the silver spandex, it's very impressive.
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Fair enough. What I'm wondering is how a stretched silver on silver would look. Has anyone tried it? At any rate, blacks aren't as important to me as a bright picture, so I'm probably going to go with white on silver. I'll post back once it's all done. I've got three young kids, though, so it's gonna be a while. smile.gif
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I will be doing some shots of the metallic silver matte and moleskin matte silver here in a couple days.
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Originally Posted by Duke Broadway View Post

I will be doing some shots of the metallic silver matte and moleskin matte silver here in a couple days.

Looking forward to see your results with the metallic silver matte.
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Originally Posted by smokarz View Post

Kristofer is correct.
The silver moleskin was not probably stretched and fitted on a frame, so take it for what it's worth.
However, it will be much darker than a white screen, that I am certain.
But look at the blacks on the silver spandex, it's very impressive.

and in the white spot on the Spiderman picture.. shouldn't there be some ominous looking clouds, not just white?
Although the left side does pop.
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I seen you posted that you put a meter on the silver spandex because it looked dark. Can you expand on this? Did you also meter the painted white screen?

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When the Silver spandex arrived, a quick glance at it tells me the picture was going to be dark. How dark? I don't know.

Once I threw a picture on it, it confirms what i saw. It was really darker than my painted white screen. So I need to know how dark it was, factually, not just with my naked eyes.

So I pulled out my i1D3 meter and threw up a 100% White window pattern for a quick measurement.

The painted white screen measured at 16ftL, the silver spandex measured at 6.5ftL. Again, I folded the silver spandex in half and drape it over my current screen. It was not stretched or properly framed.

I believe the observation would still hold, even after strechted and framed. The silver spandex was lot darker than my white painted screen. It's even darker than my previous painted gray screen (SW Unique Gray), which measured at around 8-9ftL.

Does this mean I can't use the silver spandex as a screen? Of course I can. By cranking out more lumens from my PJ running either Living Room or Dynamic modes. But then the picture will be a lot less accurate and much more work would be needed to calibrate it.

Video, same as audio, there's always a compromise.
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So are you still planning on doing a moleskin screen or a version of a white spandex?
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Yes, it will be white moleskin, with silver as backing.
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I'm doing the same. I just have to wait until my white comes in before I can get started. I am getting an air compressor and am thinking about using an air upholstery stapler to put this stuff on. Good idea/bad idea?
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I would think the screen tight approach is way easier.

No need to spend extra on an air compressor.

Plus, I think you would get even distribution with the stretch.

I am going to roll the spandex up using a 1x2x8' to give it a nice and even pull/stretch.
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Air compressor is for other stuff, not the screen.
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Screen tight works awesome. Fast to apply, just as fast to remove.
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The rolling it up into a board makes sense. I'm just trying to visualize how that would look because don't you also have to account for horizontal stretch? I have a Home Depot in town as well, so I could get the "screen tight" materials, I just need to know how the hell to use them. Sorry if I sound a bit dense, as I said, I need to see it before it makes sense to me or have it very clearly spelled out. Cheers.

Right now, the plan is to build a curved screen, where I cut the curve on two 2x8x10s (top and bottom, then nail 1x4x10s to the front of the curve to act as a border, then stretch the spandex behind the border (will properly stretch convex but not to the front of the screen since it's concave). Now, I'm thinking that I could secure the spandex to the bottom with wood nailed down on top of it, then stretch and roll it onto another piece of wood. But then, I'd have to account for the horizontal in which case I could have two pieces on either side and roll them up and secure them once it is taut enough. Legit?

(The curve won't be massive so I'm thinking that the wood wrapped around the fabric should easily be able to match the contour of the screen. Meh)
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This will give you a rough idea. It just has 2 channels in it. Secure it around the backside perimeter of your frame. use the groove closest to the outside of the frame for the first layer of spandex. The second inside groove for the top layer. just use the spline..looks like a rubber rope and as you pull on the spandex roll the spline in the grooves. Will need the tool to roll it in. Its slick.

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Thanks for the link. Looks way too easy, but damnit being in Canada of course I can't find it at Home Depot. I'll find it somehow but sheesh it so often seems like the only way I can get stuff is importing it from the States (end rant).
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Originally Posted by MississippiMan View Post

What is less than certain is as to if you might see any rise along the length of those vertical supports braces. It doesn't take much "rise" at any point to show up as a "Bump" or ridge if there is even a fractional difference in extra height between the vertical supports and the Outside Frame. Even the slightest "twist' down the road will show up as a vertical line. It is a shame though you didn't rout or chisel out a recess for the "Leg" of the center "T's" to rest in. All it would take is a recess as deep as the actual Hardware is thick to keep any possibility of there being any "surface transfer' of the wood. In fact, I'd say that is more of a concern than is as to if you get any visual Bleed through.

This was the same concern I had when I built my frame. Easiest thing to do in my opinion was to add a piece of shoe molding or 1/4" round around the perimeter of the screen with the curved side facing in an the squared edge along the border.
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Finally got a chance to finish the screen.

I've added 1x2 to the top of the screen so I don't have to worry about the frame bulging.

Again, the screen tight materials make things a lot easier. I got a couple bros and friends over to help with stretching the spandex. More hands the merrier.



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The screen in its temporary place.

Hopefully I'll have a chance later this week to build a false wall to hang the screen onto and put the speakers behind it.

Sorry about the crappy pics. It's what happened when you attempt to take handheld pics with beers.




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Some screen shots, the same pics i took earlier with the old screen.

First impressions. The pics look a littler darker, and warmer, compare to my old SW Extra White painted screen.

Once I have a chance to hang the screen properly. Calibrated the Epson 8100 to this new screen, I'll post some updated pics.

And yeah, handheld pics with alcohol is NOT recommended. I'll have to mount the camera to the tripod to take some better shots.



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