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So my bedroom is upstairs, and I have an Xbox 360 and a television. My goal is to stream Comcast cable content with Xbox Windows Media Center.

Downstairs, I am using a WinTV-DCR-2650 connected to a laptop HTPC, and watching my cable television shows via Xbox Windows Media Center. Everything is hard wired directly to the router, and I have no issues with streaming HD content. I think this is a pretty great setup, mostly. I don't have to pay a cable box rental fee, I don't have to pay for the ability to record shows, etc. It keeps my Comcast bill down pretty good.

Here is where my problem starts.

Upstairs, in my bedroom, I have a nice new tv and a nice new Xbox. I'd like to be able to watch cable up there too from time to time, and access my recorded shows. I don't have the ability to hard wire the ethernet, since I rent and I can't just start knocking holes into walls. Doing a very long run of ethernet cable is out of the question, as it is very impractical. I can't get a strong enough wireless connection to rock a good HD steam, and from what I've been reading, streaming HD content wirelessly is an iffy proposition with even the most expensive multi band routers.

Currently, I am able to get a marginal connection with my ZyXEL PLA4205 powerline adapter, but the only time I can reliably stream HD content for any length of time without issue is in the middle of the night, with most everything in the house turned off. I rent in a townhome, and I am convinced the wiring in this place is pretty bad. I've tried multiple power outlets on both ends, but I don't see a difference in signal strength. It's like sometimes everything is fine, and then I'll stand up or something and the connection craps out.

The only thing I could think of is to get a second WinTV-DCR-2650, and hook it up to a second HTPC upstairs. I have a cable outlet in my bedroom. This would cost me over 100 bucks, and I'd have to pay a fee for a second cable card. I don't know if Comcast would even allow that. I imagine they have some sort of 2nd cable box fee as well.

Sorry for the extensive explanation, but I wanted to avoid anyone suggesting anything I've already tried. Have I exhausted all my options, or is there some way to stream HD content that I don't know about yet?

Any help would be appreciated.