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Hurricane Sandy: Battery backup sump pump

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I put in a battery backup sump pump system last year in August 2011 in preparation for Hurricane Irene, but even the regular sump pump never kicked in despite getting a lot of rain and losing power. This year with Hurricane Sandy threatening the entire east coast, I figured it would pay off. We lost power this afternoon for several hours after getting about 8"+ of pounding rain and I was never so glad to have spent $300 installing the backup battery system. It worked flawlessly as we sat at the bar by candle light as Sandy raged outside. If you have a sump pump in the basement and haven't installed a backup system yet, it's money well spent. I procrastinated for a couple of years before I finally installed one last year and it's peace of mind knowing that it will work for several days if the power fails. smile.gif
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Glad it worked out for you! While testing my main pump, I inadvertently kicked off the backup and the mointor said the battery needs to be changed (yes, changed, NOT charged). Mine's been in since my first flood 4 years ago, now. Luckily, I changed out the bulb-syle float with a straight up and down one on the main pump and we never lost power. That sucker was running about every 10 minutes. I never felt like we got a deluge, just a constant (and sometimes wind-driven) 3 day constant rain here in northern Virginia.
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I'm using distilled water in mine Tom and cycle the test pump a couple of times about every 2 months and it usually needs some water. I've gone through a little less than 1 gallon of water in the last 14 months and the key is to make sure these deep cycle marine batteries don't run dry. I got the battery at BJs and if I get 4 years out of it then $25.00 a year is small price to pay.
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Thanks for the tips! I'll have a look at mine. It's at least three years, so it won't be the end of the world to replace and THEN keep up with it. I guess I just need to watch for when the stores around here get restocked. There was BIG hole in that area at the local HD. Probablay can check the auto parts places, too.
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What type of battery back up did you go with? Just for shits and giggles I hooked the one up from my PC but it tripped the battery back up into a fault mode. Probably because it drew too many amps.
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Net -

You would have been better off using an inverter plugged into your car's cigarette lighter.

We're talking the full Monty, here:


Watchdog...pump, charger, monitor and deepcycle marine battery.
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I have an Exide 12V Nautilus Deep Cycle Marine Battery ( part # NC-17) purchased at BJs.
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