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Mitsubishi 82842 DLP Diamond Series

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Just bought the new 82' Diamond series Mits and let me tell you.. its beautiful. There are so many options to adjusting that I dont even know where to start. I did buy Avengers in 3D but that to can be tricky. There are several options to adjusting 3D.
I'd like to get it Calibrated but they say you should wait 200 hrs...

I also added the LG 3D Blue Ray player, used monster HDMI cable, hooked up my xbox and PS3 and Cablebox. I will have to figure out how to hang my JBL center channel as there is no room for it. It matches the white wood so its got to stay.

My room is brightly lit during daytime so that can be challenging but the no glare screen makes a difference. And you can see how big that wall is considering this tv is 6ft in length.

At night its no different then a movie theater, with the exception to me being in my PJs..

Any suggestions on first time adjustments?
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From my experience in showrooms I think the 82 inch is more satisfying than the 92 inch for most people.

Can you comment on how 3D looks, and a little about off axis viewing horizontally and vertically?

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I just got the tv last week so Im still trying to get acquainted with its ultimate power thru adjustments. The 3D is pretty cool considering the size of the tv. I have seen better 3D on plasmas though but again, I have everything on factory settings.

Im not sure what your question about horizontal and vertical though
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You might find that your 3D will be optimized by having your lamp in the high setting...calibration may help this as well.

Regarding horiz. and vert., you'll find that when you move off the middle point, both horizontally and vertically, you'll get a certain degree of light drop off.

Nice, big TV!
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You should use one of the calibration discs mentioned in these threads. But for 3D you may want to calibrate it in one of the Advance modes and save that for just 3D. You will want to most likely change the gamma to a lower number (makes it brighter) and possibly up the Color (intensity) control for 3D to compensate for the glasses. Good 2D settings are not really good for 3D due to the darkening effect of the glasses.
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I think I did read on here or another site where you can actually burn a calibration set up to one of your own disks and play it on a blue ray player.

thoughts on that?
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On the Center Channel...try this. You may be amazed at how good it actually works. Put a shelf behind the TV whereby the top of the Center speaker is flush/even with the top of the TV. Then angle the speaker so it dreflects at your desired angle, directly off the ceiling into the center viewing position. The angle of reflection will govern your arrival time. Tweak it so the center arrival closely match the side speakers or arrive just a tad earlier...for an unbelievable center dialogue image. I know this works because I tried this years ago. And have done it ever since. I found that having a center channel speaker flush with the FR/FL created too forward and strident a center image to my taste. By recessing and angling the center channel....the total image field became more natural to me. Just make sure you are not aiming the center speaker directly into the rear of the HDTV itself. I know some people who saw my setup...and actually aimed their center channels almost vertical to the ceiling for very satisfying effects. Experiment and have fun with it.
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I think Im going to have to resort to the shelf behind the tv trick. . And I wil definately take the angling into consideration... Has anybody heard reviews about using an HDMI switch with different ports and combining it with the Darbee Darblet?

Also is it worth the $350?
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Darble I have one and I like it, but I think it should be a two hundred dollar item. I paid $269 and that is a stretch in my opinion. More of a last thing to do, type item.

There is much more bang for the buck in getting the stand height down in the 14" range then in a Darblet. If you are watching a lot of movies in the dark the Darblet might be worth the price. I just don't see it do that much on HD TV content.. Beyond Blu-Ray where it can really do something It helps most on the very best over the air TV, HD Cable not so much. Best possible thing after a low stand is a Radiance Mini 3D for automated 125 point color calibration.
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Im trying to download free software to try and calibrate my tv.. does anybody suggest a good site??
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Do you happen to have any recommendations for calibration yet?

Thank you
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Not yet. They recommend you have at least 200 hours on it first.

I'm still trying to figure out how to keep track of the hours...
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To get total hours of use:
1. TV Remote Control press MENU and wait for the menu to finish displaying.
2. Press number buttons in order 2, 4, 7, 0. A new menu with the total hours will display.
3. Do not change anything on the new menu. Press EXIT or MENU to clear the screen.
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Sweet. 281 hours. But I guess the is where I have to spring for a tech to come tweak it.

Any other secrets that you know of ?
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Originally Posted by taichi4 View Post

From my experience in showrooms I think the 82 inch is more satisfying than the 92 inch for most people.
Can you comment on how 3D looks, and a little about off axis viewing horizontally and vertically?

Hey Taichi smile.gif

Just curious what you meant by your comment on the 82" being more satisfying than the 92" for most people? Thanks.
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Are there any differences between the 82842 and 82840 other than the clear screen on the latter? What are people's views about the trade-off between less glare and lower contrast in the two different screens?
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Did Mits take out the dark detailer (dynamic iris) after the 838 series? If so, do the 840 and 842 models have lower contrast ratios?
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