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HT-SS380 and the ps3

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This is my first Home Theatre. i hooked my ps3 up to my receiver via hdmi. ran the automatic sound settings on the
ps3. basically all the audio options are checked even lpcm 7.1 for some reason, even tho my Home theatre is only capable of 5.1. when i play my games it says its dolby digital on the game case but my hometheatre is showing it is receiving lpcm.
Is my ps3 decoding DD 5.1 and turning it into lpcm 5.1. i can always hear it out of all the speakers. but for games like bf3 it will choose DD instead of DTS and DD will apear on the Home theatre but for Black ops and skyrim my hometheatre shows lpcm. my blurays are playing fine tho showing the correct audio on the Home theatre.

i already know i can go into audio setting's and uncheckmark LPCM so DD shows up when playing my games i just
wanna know if the LPCM it's sending to the a/v amp is 5.1 because my A/Vamp isnt supposed to show how many speakers it's using it only shows logo's. and should i uncheck audio or keep it automatic.


1. when playing skyrim is my ps3 sending lpcm 5.1 (instead of DD) if yes look at 2.#if it's not sending 5.1 tell me why!
2. why is bf3 not being sent in lpcm audio just DD
3. is it better automaticly set audio on the ps3 or do it manually.
4. does my home theatre support lpcm above 2.1 im hoping it does.
5. why when i did the automatic sound settings on the ps3 was the 7.1 selected even tho its a 5.1 system
6. if you dont understand read the whole thing..
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All my games show LPCM when played on PS3. When I play Blu Rays it bitstreams all audio to my receiver. The PS3 is unpacking the audio and sending 5.1 LPCM to your reciever. It's fine.
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