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Originally Posted by ccotenj View Post

i vote good news... at least now there's a chance that we'll get the original 3 in their glorious unmolested form...
i will never forgive lucas for messing with memories of my yute...

A hwat? a yute? what's a yute? smile.gif
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Nooooooooooooooooo! I cant fight the Ducks:eek:
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Originally Posted by adidino View Post

A hwat? a yute? what's a yute? smile.gif

lol, it means "youth" in patois.
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Originally Posted by BrolicBeast View Post

lol, it means "youth" in patois.

I know.. I was just quoting a line from My Cousin Vinny. smile.gif
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You know what would be a great Disney F.U. to George Lucas and a wonderful tribute to the real Star Wars fans?

Get producer Gary Kurtz involved with Star Wars again!!!! The ideas they had brain stormed without much input from Lucas were far, far better than anything Lucas came up with after he took control of Return of the Jedi and then molested the rest of the series.

I would bet Disney wouldn't want to piss off Lucas by releasing the untainted original trilogy until after he kicked the bucket. Though, a lot depends on the fine print of the deal. We don't know which films the Library of Congress wanted restored and preserved for all time: the original theatrical trilogy or the f--ked up special editions.
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I don't have a problem with this as long as Disney doesn't make Star Wars charactors have huge oversized eyes and are all gorgeous....

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I think this is a great move - and will keep the force and brand alive. Disney has done a good job of purchasing and keeping Marvel, Pixar at bay.

As for George's motives - see what he is doing with his money

Lucas to Donate $4B to Education......

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Awesome! Wow, so we finally do get out long, LONG promised episodes 7-9! (so much for that long period of time when he tried to pretend they had never existed hah).

The story as hinted upon years ago:
Way back when they were said to be, in part, about the perils of starting up a new government and how one can get lead down the wrong path with the best intentions and about how you can accidentally slip into being like a dictator yourself while trying to be good and put things back together or something like that and how parts of the new Rebel government end up growing deeply corrupt themselves and power mad even while not meaning to and something about some loved ones and friends trying to turn some around and fight against it going all wrong but it perhaps not succeeding, I forget about the last part, I need to try to see if I can dig up the actual report, trying to remember where I even saw that years ago, I wonder if it was even in one of the old Time magazines where they were talking with Lucas and others on the production??? Supposed to be a solid 20 years post ROTJ. (I should mention the same thing also hinted at the exact overall plot ideas for 1-3 as they actually turned out in 1-3. And that also puts lie to all the crazed fanboys who said the made 1-3 ridiculous stories and would never have made them like this back then, it was all the same basic plot as back in the 70s! Only the original idea was supposed to have even less action and more political intrigue with trade federations and all again so much to all the crazed fan boys complaining about the politics and slamming Lucas, THAT was ALWAYS the way it had been planned, if anything he actually toned it down and made it more like what the fanboys cried for.)
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Originally Posted by Snowmanick View Post

Please don't take any offense by what I am about to say, but I love that you state he messed up the prequels but your avatar is Darth Maul.
I agree with you that the prequels were messed up. Great visuals in parts, but written and directed for 5 year olds.
Here is a fun thought though. Disney has Marvel, which just did The Avengers with Joss Whedon. Imagine a Joss Whedon written/directed series of Star Wars films with $200 million budgets. That could be fun.
Or Chris Nolan, now that he has completed the Batman trilogy.
Hmm, I see some potential here.

The prequels stories were good and generally fit exactly along the lines of what had always been hinted about them to the T (despite some crazed fanboys ridiculous thoughts on what they were 'supposed' to have been about and like).

The one terrible mistake he made is that he started them aimed specifically at and written down to kids which is never the way to go. He said he never knew quite why Star Wars was so utterly loved compared to the other fantasy of the time that ws kid friendly. It was because he made it real, it was not written at kids it was simply ok for kids, a big difference. He didn't have Gunguns using stupid baby talk "yousa in deep doo doo" or have the Jabba band a bunch of silly, cheap, common modern Saturday morning kid's cartoon characters singing lines about "wicky wicky wocky chicky chiken licken" or whatever. He had characters kids thought were cute, like Jawas, but they were still real and not like the worst, fake, silly big eyed Disney or Satuday morning (post the early classic WB days stuff). That was the difference.

Even with Jar Jar, if he had just kept all the alien languages real and realistic and not talked down to kids with silly "deep doo doo" baby talk lines and crap, just changed maybe 20 lines of dialogue it may never have gotten half the flack it did and if Jar Jar had been just a bit different the long time SW haters may never have had their field day and it all may have gone down much better.

Personally I can tune out the hideous lines and enjoy the rest so I'm not so negative on it all as many, there IS lots of great stuff in 1-3 too, even some classic scenes and parts very much like bits of ANH at times, some of the scenes when they were on Coruscant were shot, directed, edited just like ANH style in Episode 1. And contrary to the haters, who now claim that even episode 3 was considered a joke when released, episode 3 actually received very solid reviews.

It is too bad that he went overboard with some of the silly kids stuff and after talking all the care to make sure all the alien dialogue in 4-6 and much of 1-3 was realistic he would then toss in ridiculous baby talk crap.
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Originally Posted by JapanDave View Post

Please explain how I am being contradictory? Darth maul, the only character that I thought was original and well done in the series. But baring that, forget the fact that I like that idea of the character of Darth maul, he was just one character in the movie and could not possibly able to carry the whole movie with such as small part he played. The series was executed terribly IMO and don't get me started on the acting of Palpatine in the last installment, that by itself made me lose any respect I once had for the feared Emperor.

Palpatine was acted brilliantly in Ep3! What didn't you like?
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Originally Posted by thehun View Post

LOL How old were you when you saw it first? Who do you think that SW was made to in the first place?

It was not made directly at or down to what a middle aged man thinks of kids, it had no ridiculous baby talk, cheap Saturday morning cartoon stuff, all those parts of 1-3 where missing in 4-6 (well not entirely for 6), so they went over better. I do think 1-3 did have a lot of very good stuff though too.

The true classic children's literature all reads fine for adults, the cheap stuff written at kids does not.

That is the difference.

But again there was a lot about 1-3 I liked. I just wish he had left out the parts he mistakelny wrote and talked down to little kids bits. But they were good aside from that.
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Originally Posted by fritzi93 View Post

Yes, which is why episodes 1-3 were so disappointing. No one dared to tell him that cramming more and more effects into each frame, just because he could, was a bad idea. Maybe spend some time on cleaning up clunky/dumb dialogue instead?
Have a look at this, which tells you why episode two was the worst thing ever made by a human:

That guy isn't half as intelligent as he thinks he is and he even gets lots of basic things factually wrong. Some of the stuff he makes fun of for being dumb and not making sense actually makes perfect sense, kind of ironic.... no credibility in his critique at all. He is far worse than what he complains about.
He is funny though, just wrong about many things.
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Originally Posted by swarm87 View Post

wonder how he'd be as thrawn

He actually could do that, I don't see good for SW otherwise. That said 7-9 will not be about Thrawn. And I think most of the lit will be totally tossed by this and to that say thank god! The Dark Horse stuff Dark Empire junk make a mockery of 4-6. All they did was undue all the meaning and everything that happened. Totally cheapened it all. Mara Jade was awesome and a few of the books were fitting, the Thrawn triology wasn't too bad.
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Originally Posted by Toknowshita View Post

This news was completely out of left field, but out of all the companies that should take over the universe this is by far the best choice. My boys loved being on stage for Jedi training at Disney and having a showdown with Vader.

Hah that reminds me of the video of the kid who suddenly bowed down before Vader and pledged allegiance to him instead of fighting him hah. And nobody on stage knew how to react haha.
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Originally Posted by Justin Sullins View Post

I'm glad to see some of you aren't poking fun at the whole idea of Disney making new Star Wars Movies. George Lucas has held the Star Wars Franchise hostage for a long time now and it's finally free. I would love to see Chris Nolan, Peter Jackson, or J.J. Abrams do the next trilogy. Only time will tell but how could this not be the best Star Wars News? I do hope they grab material from the books for the next installment. It's kind of sad to hear Mr. Lucas has storylines and will be an advisor for episodes 7, 8, and 9 though. Hopefully the director/writer will take those ideas with a grain of salt. I'm stoked and this feeling takes me back to standing in line for two days for Star Wars: Episode 1 tickets. Hopefully I don't feel cheated after Episode 7 is over.

100% disgree so many of the post ROTJ novels, especially Dark Empire, made a total mockery of everything. Like cheap Saturday morning cartoon and everything that people claim to complain about. His plots have been genius and one guy who has seen all the plots already says they are all good. We want his plots to be the basis, believe me.
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Originally Posted by PLB View Post

Somehow we have come to believe that directors are important. I think it has something to do with Cahiers du Cinema. IMHO the important people in movies are the script writers and the editors. The writers create the story and the editors delivers it. The director just moves the actors around. Almost all Hollywood actors are very, very good. Good acting is a constant. It doesn't matter much in the quality of a movie.
Can a great director make a great movie from a bad script? I don't think so. Can a great director overcome a bad editor? Yes, but only if he is also an fine editor. Editors routinely make good movies out of a lot of mediocre footage provided by the better paid director.. But just as all Princes are presumed to be charming and all professors are presumed to be wise, we presume that the artistic heart of this hyper collaborative process is the nominal director. I think the evidence is that almost anyone can be a good to very good director. Look at all the movie stars who have succeeded in their very first movie. To be even a grip much less a Director of Photography requires a long apprentiship. Movies hire a number of carpenters. These people are usually the best in their profession. No one hires a novice carpenter on their million dollar movie but novice directors are quite common.
Dimiti Rostropovich, when he was maybe the best cellist in the world, mocked the fame of conductors. He recounted how when he on rare ocassions conducted he was always applauded. He said he doubted if any conductor could take his cello and play in front of an audience and be well received. Later of course Rostropovich became a full time conductor himself and we heard no more of such talk from him. But he was on to something. I myself have conducted one of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos. I certainly couldn't play one of the recorders anymore than newly famous Ben Afflick could do any production job on a movie set other than director. Afflick was a script writer and he was pretty good. He was never a very good actor. Now as a director, if he just hires a good editor and chooses good scripts he will soon be acclaimed as a genius.
George Lucas was a bad director and an even worse screen writer. His real contribution to movies was franchising.

Then why does everything about the tone and presentation and story so often change if the director changes even if the rest all remain the same? They are a LOT more intergral than you think and it is NOT directing actors that is even their main thing.
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This has all the wrappings of selling the Beatles catalog. When Disney goes in a direction Lucas doesn't like, the Chewbacca fur will fly and a power struggle to get the franchise back will ensue--sort of like a Star Wars War. Then again, this was never good art, just plain old fun, so whoever owns it and can make more fun (hopefully in 3D), then more power to them--er force. Wow a Star Wars theme park--the mind boggles.
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I say let Guillermo Del Toro direct. He would do the fight scenes proper.
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A helmsman for Star Wars episode VII should soon be announced

The search for a director for the new 'Star Wars' sequel is reportedly down to 'a couple of candidates', according to veteran producer Frank Marshall.

But Marshall, who is a co-chairman at Lucasfilm and married to the company's president Kathleen Kennedy, would not go into any further detail over who those 'candidates' might be, though it seems that he knows. ''I do,'' he told MTV, ''but i can't reveal it, or i won't be alive tomorrow.''

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J.J. Abrams set to direct new 'Star Wars'

by EW staff

J.J. Abrams is beaming from one franchise to another.

The Star Trek Into Darkness director is set to helm the next installment of Star Wars, EW has confirmed. (The Wrap first reported the news.)

“As a kid I was always a fan of special effects. Watching movies I was constantly trying to figure out how they did it, whatever the effect was. Star Wars was the first movie that blew my mind in that way; it didn’t matter how they did any of it because it was all so overwhelmingly and entirely great. It was funny and romantic and scary and compelling and the visual effects just served the characters and story. It galvanized for me; not for what wasexciting about how movies were made, but rather for what movies were capable of,” Abrams told EW back in November. (In the same interview, he also denied that he would be directing any Star Wars films.)

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If J.J. Abrams loves his special effects as much as Lucas... I say we're in for more crappy sequels. That's what killed the SW prequels... all visuals and no story, no script, and no acting.

It's time to start over. Lucas IMHO killed his own franchise.
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But notice that JJ at least acknowledged that the effects are there to serve the characters, not the other way around which was Lucas' problem.

I'm not a huge JJ fan, but with the right writers, we could have some great sequels on the way.
Originally Posted by Dan Hitchman View Post

If J.J. Abrams loves his special effects as much as Lucas... I say we're in for more crappy sequels. That's what killed the SW prequels... all visuals and no story, no script, and no acting.

It's time to start over. Lucas IMHO killed his own franchise.
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JJ Abrams is a good choice. He did a great job with Star Trek in trying to bring the original crew member back into the franchise. He'll do a nice job with Star Wars I'm sure...
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Originally Posted by nathanddrews View Post

I'm not a huge JJ fan, but with the right writers, we could have some great sequels on the way.

Hmm, looks like they brought in Michael Arndt as writer. He did the screenplays for Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3 and Brave, so that's at least encouraging as those had solid stories (Brave not as much even thought I liked it)...
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There must be a lens flare every 4-7 seconds in the Star Trek into Darkness trailer. Can you imagine one every time someone shoots a blaster or swings a lightsaber?
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Originally Posted by Marcus Carr View Post

J.J. Abrams set to direct new 'Star Wars'

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