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AVS › AVS Forum › Display Devices › Rear Projection Units › Weird question of the day: Can I put the brains from a 833 series Mits into a 733 series TV?
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Weird question of the day: Can I put the brains from a 833 series Mits into a 733 series TV?

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Title says it all..
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Brains???? Do you mean the software? If you men the software, the answer is NO. The TV will refuse the incorrect software. If you mean the hardware that accepts the software, it would be problematic. The TV would think it has parts that can respond to the software for the higher end models but it does not have those parts.
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Well, all arts are the same. Formatter, bulb, chip, power supply, ballast, the only difference seems to be the motherboard.

Methinks that Mitsubishi added the dark detailer to the board and changed the light engine model because of it. I highly doubt it requires a different lens or color wheel to project what is coming off the chip.

After all, i did hear someone here upgrading their 733 to a 734. I don't think I should have any problems. Hell, it's $50 on cl, worth it just as a hobbiest.

If anything, i can just trade out parts on the 833 until it works
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It would be a good idea to get the service manual to verify which parts are different. Is there something the 833 does that the 733 does not and you want?

Per the specs, the 833 has the following connectors that the 733 will not:
Front HDMI
3D IR emitter jack
IR emitter jack for NetCommand
RS-232C port
IEEE 1394 (firewire).
Analog Record outputs for video and audio.

I do not know what the TV software will do if it does not get the proper responses when checking these connectors. This suggests the signal paths are not the same.

Also other hardware difference:
Dark Detailer this is a phyiscal shutter system in the light engine that does have electronic controls from the TV's brains. I have heard that in normal operation it is not possible to turn this off. I do not know if there is two-way communications so it would be hard to predict what will happen when there is no shutter in place.
Blue Accent light (most likely not a problem).

There are also several other software features that might require a larger memory footprint - it would be unknown how the TV would react to not having the correct amount of memory:
NetCommand with learning capablity.
NetCommand IR control system
3D signal processing
Smooth 120Hz processing
DeepField Imager - this is a software only contast enhancer
TV Guide On Screen
Split Screen
IEEE 1394 Record/Playback
Analog record manager for the analog record outputs

If you do not want any of these features, then why would you want to change the 733 to an 833?
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The 833 is smaller.

As far as I can tell everything is the same between the different light engines. Chassis, formatter board and chip, bulb, ballast..

The only differences I could imagine are the lens and dark Detailer. Matter of fact I think all lenses are the same but have two focus screws on each side to move them from a 57 65 or 73 inch screen size.

I have had two of these apart, 65 and 73. Nothing superficial was different.

As for taking parts out of the 833 and putting them in the 733.. I would presume that these boards all come out with the pwr chassis.

I have looked at the schematics and part numbers and they all seem to match up in one way or the other to make it possible. Practical no, possible, yes.
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I still do not understand WHY you want to put 833 parts in a 733. What feature of the 833 that the 733 does not have are you trying to get?

And once more, the logic in the brains of the 833 assumes you have the additional connectors that the 733 does not have so you may have problems when these connectors are different. Check the block diagram for signal paths, if these are subsantially different you can run into problems.
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The 833 has 3D.

I lost the sale on cl.. But, the adapters can all be interchangeable. The case for the TVs is all the same, you can take parts out of one to fit in the other, they have all the same screw-holes in the same places. Switching out the front panel would have been simple. The Psu and the rest of the brains come out in two pieces, motherboard and light engine.
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Since you would need to change out most of the printed circuit boards - main, DM etc. and possibly the light engine. And you would need good new boards and light engine asfor a TV that is several years old, it seems it would be less expensive to just get a new model that has 3D already.
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