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TiVo DVR's Gets Fall Update

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TiVo has announced its officially rolling out the newly revamped menus to retail Premiere DVRs, with cable-provided boxes getting the update at some point in the future.

We are pleased to announce the newest software release (version 20.2.2) for TiVo Premiere, Premiere XL, Premiere 4, and Premiere XL4 (Premiere Elite). Boxes will automatically receive the update over the coming weeks, but signing up at http://tivo.com/priority could get you the update a little sooner.

With this update you will find new versions of the following screens (if you are using “HD Menus”) – Season Pass Manager, To Do List, History, and My Shows for Multi-Room Streaming.

They have also updated the Season Pass Manager screen and added some new features:
- Season Passes that don’t have any episodes scheduled to record appear in gray

- When a Season Pass is highlighted, information on the right side of the screen tells you:

- - If there are conflicts that will prevent some episodes from recording.

- - How many episodes will and won’t record

- - The current Season Pass settings (New only, Keep at Most, Keep Until, and Start & Stop time)

- - Season Passes can be re-ordered by entering numbers using the buttons on the remote control

- - When you re-order your Season Pass list, it will automatically update to show if there are any conflicts

Click over to their official announcement to get the full rundown on what's going on, .

What do you think of these update?

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Eh. These features should have been included in the Premiere when it was released, two years ago! I like my TiVo. I just wish it was finished.
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I can tell you after having DirecTV for 14 years, losing TiVo along the way and now coming back to TiVo in the past few months what a joy it has been. TiVo is without a doubt the best DVR, this will only make it better. My only beef is they are not expanding on the app side of the house. Would like to have more options then Amazon, Netflix and YouTube. Don't see this being addressed with this update.
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