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Recently my Anthem D2v started powering itself off randomly. I have opened an RMA with Paradigm and have been extremely discouraged by the level of support I have been receiving. Paradigm has consistently focused on two possible areas for the cause of my issues.
  • 1. The unit is connected to a power conditioner.
  • 2. The software on the unit has been corrupted by the power conditioner.

I have informed Paradigm numerous times that I have reloaded the software and connected the unit directly to a wall outlet. I have owned Anthem products since 2007. My original D2 was plugged into my power conditioner (Monster Power - Signature PRO7000) on a dedicated 20AMP feed for 3 years with no issues at all. I upgraded to the Anthem D2v a little over 2 years ago and never had any issues until recently. It took almost 1 month for me to get my D2v back from repair. All that was done was a software reload. The unit worked for a couple hours then failed again. When I sent an email to Paradigm they immediately asked the same question. "Is the unit connected to a power conditioner".... not... "I'm sorry to hear that you are still having problems." When I told them I connected the unit directly to a wall outlet they immediately asked the other question. "can you reload the software". That's when I made this video:

YES. I have reloaded the software
YES. I have not connected the unit to a power conditioner
YES. I have removed everything that is connected to the unit

Has anyone else seen this type of problem before? Can anyone speculate on what could possibly be causing the unit to shut down like this?