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The other day, fooling around with my new iPod and the Bluetooth in my laptop, I discovered the joys of A2DP. Then I said to myself "man, this would be handy in my car!" and promptly discovered that I apparently wasn't the first person to have this epiphany, as I found that these existed.

So now I want one, but there's plenty of different ones out there, and I don't want to miss out on a better one. So here's my wish list for a device like this:
  • $30 or less
  • Small and unobtrusive
  • Powers / charges via MicroUSB (since I already have a charger in my car for my phone)
  • Turns on quickly (I saw one that requires holding the button down for five seconds to turn it on. For pairing mode, sure, five seconds. Should be much less than that to just turn on.)
  • Automatically turns off after the BT connection is lost for a few minutes
  • Automatically turns on and links when the car is turned on and it's connected to power

(There also seems to be one that works as a BT hands-free-phone device, too, seen here. It's interesting, and that would certainly be a useful feature, but god, what a fugly design.)

The one I linked above seems to cover most of those points save for the last one, but I don't think I have found one yet that does the last one, at least not in my price range. I just want to make sure I'm not missing a known winner when I order.

(And yes, I have heard the knocks on A2DP sound quality for serious stereophiles. I gently point out that a moving car is hardly the perfect listening environment for, well, anything. So I'm looking for "tolerable to decent", and not "perfect." I listen to podcasts more often than not in my car anyhow.)

So is there a better solution than the Monoprice one I linked above?

Thanks much for any help and advice!

-- Chris