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First Speaker Setup - Onkyo 717, Rti12, Good Deal? Good parts?

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Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, I'm still new to AVS. I'll try to make this thread as neat as possible for you to read.
So I recently just purchased the polk audio rti12 and they IMO sound amazing, I also listened the the Klipsch RF-82's, but couldn't justify the 170 price difference per speaker vs the rti12. So I got two rti12 ($325 each after tax) at frys and hooked them up to my avr635 and they're great and all, but I didn't have any bi-wiring or a sub to power the subs so the bass was a bit disappointing. So I decided to go purchase a new receiver with biwiring and the capability. So I decided to get the Onkyo nr-717 ($540). Not only that but I decided to purchased the BIC F12 sub because the reviews showed that it beat the polk audio 505 which was in the same price range. So right now I still have to decide on a center and rear. I was thinking about the klipsch center and bookshelf speakers, or the polk audio rti4 but I'm still unsure. Also, I have no idea if this is considered a HT setup.

What will it be used for?
I plan on using this for watching movies and listening to music. I may play games on it from my comp, but unlikely.
Info About Current Setup

Room DImension - I still have to measure my room and make a image of it for you guys. But if needed here's the description. So I have my tv and speakers currently setup on one side of the room, the room spans from a living room, to the kitchen, then to the kitchen. No walls or doors in between the living room and kitchen except this half wall thing.

What I have

Harmon Kardon Avr 635 (75 watt x7)
Polk Audio rti12 ($325) x2 (Note, I still can return these for full price until November 28)
Hitachi 55HDs69 55" plasma - Horrible TV, 768p and a virtual 1080p chip. Even at native resolution I can't read any text on the screen. I might move my Sharp Aquos 55" 1080 lcd up, or get a new one. I was planning on getting a projector but since it's upstairs (window lights) and the ceiling is prob too low I can't.
220 Gallon Fishtank - This thing... Literally three feet away from the speakers right now...
Crappy L shaped sofa.
Bose 141 Speakers - Is this even relevant?
5.1 Bose Speakers - Bought back ten years ago for 1.6k then it was given to me as a gift. 5 satellites (two cubes on one) and a sub.
150 feet of RCA 16 Guage Speaker Wire
Mini-itx Computer to use (Maybe used for gaming, but prob just mkv) - i3 2020, 8gb DDR3, 6670 1GB, 60gb SSD
Belkin PureAV Filter Home Theater Power Console

What I have Purchased so far.

BIC F12 ($200.19 - amazon)
Onkyo NR717 ($540 - newegg) - EDIT CANCELLED
Sewell Deadbolt Banana Plugs with Fast-Lock Technology, 12 Pair ($27.95)
15 Feet Mediabridge Subwoofer Cable ($9.99)

What I still need
I still need 2x rear speakers - (budget 200-400?)
1x Center (250)
Receiver (700)
AMP (???)

Thanks in advance!
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So I just cancelled the 717.. (newegg shipment delayed anyways). Are there good mid-priced receivers out there that seem good for me? (500-700) I was looking at the HK 3600, the onkyo 809 and 1009 (which seem like older models, but I can't see the diff with the 717)
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