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Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post

In a 2012 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lucas altered his previous statements by announcing that Greedo had always shot first - stating that a combination of bad close-up shots and the audiences' inaccurate perception of the Han Solo character was what actually caused all the confusion: "The controversy over who shot first, Greedo or Han Solo, in Episode IV, what I did was try to clean up the confusion, but obviously it upset people because they wanted Solo [who seemed to be the one who shot first in the original] to be a cold-blooded killer, but he actually isn’t. It had been done in all close-ups and it was confusing about who did what to whom. I put a little wider shot in there that made it clear that Greedo is the one who shot first, but everyone wanted to think that Han shot first, because they wanted to think that he actually just gunned him down."[7]
Lucas is full of it. The shooting script (written by LUCAS) shows only Han shooting (there is no mention made of Greedo shooting at ALL), so it was OBVIOUSLY Lucas' original intent to portray Han as a "cold blooded killer". The man has an incredible ability to deny the reality that he ever changes his mind (or makes mistakes). Plenty of people don't buy his made up stories at all.
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And if I recall, they showed Han's bolt before Greedo's hit the wall. Followed by a headful of extra crispy chicken.
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He's made so many changes that he's forgotten what he originally wrote. Either that or he was stoned during filming and forgot what he was doing. Either way, the original is the original and created an....Empire....and earned you $4B! Only because it's Election Day, In four years during the next presidential debate I'm going to submit a question that asks who shot first and see which sides the Republicans and Democrats take. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by 67jason View Post

Get this set from Amazon. Current used price starts at about $100.
I purchased my set before the blu was announced and I paid around 40 bucks for it.biggrin.gif

Alright so if I could get some opinions from those who had the privilege to see Star Wars at the beginning and all the way to the new bluray release.

So setting the Special Edition vs. the new edited version aside:

would you rather spend 100+ for a used copy/200+ for a new copy of the original trilogy on DVD OOORRR

buy both trilogy via the new blu ray release?
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Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post

It isn't up to Disney - it's up to Fox.

Good. That means Disney won't be able to edit in any fart jokes.
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Word-of-mouth is a valuable form of marketing, and the best way to achieve good word-of-mouth is to please the nerds/early adopters/hardcore fans. Avengers was a good example of this. While it is true that an unedited OT would not produce tremendous revenue standing alone, its use as a marketing tool and energizer for the hardcore Star Wars fans could pay HUGE dividends. This, among other reasons, is why I don't believe Disney would have allowed George Lucas to retain any rights with respect to marketing of the existing Star Wars properties.

As for Fox's involvement, I cannot think of any legal or business reason for withholding their permission, other than extracting as much money from Disney as possible in the process. In fact, it would be in their financial interest to prod Disney into a re-release before their rights to V & VI expire. Therefore, I am hopeful that the unedited OT will make an appearance prior to Episode VII, or at least in tandem with the VII-IX video releases.

I may not have been around for the theatrical release of Star Wars, but I watched the VHS copies of the OT dozens, if not hundreds of times as a child. I cannot watch the "special" editions, and those that think this is an overreaction do not understand what it is like to have an emotional connection to a piece of art. If Disney can convince me that they understand and respect that connection, I will be a vocal supporter of their Star Wars endeavor. If not, I will continue to assume that any future Star Wars movies will be typical, Hollywood cash-grabs, and not worth my time. Again, I realize that my presence/absence at the theater doesn't make any difference, but the collective marketing power of emotionally invested fans can make a big impact.
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According to the Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox has retained the rights to the first six movies and will own Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope forever.

Good let them keep that trash!!!


I dont care to see thier DIGITALLY ALTERED GARBAGE!!!!! -- That was such a wonderful movie that has been destroyed!!!!!

I have only seen part 1 but i would LOVE seeing it again!!!!!! (The original movie like i saw back then)
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I like and own all of the BD versions, but I also have the originals on LD. Best of both worlds!

Maybe someday they'll wise up and look to make more money by selling BDs of the original theatrical films.
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Originally Posted by 67jason View Post

Get this set from Amazon. Current used price starts at about $100.

I purchased my set before the blu was announced and I paid around 40 bucks for it.biggrin.gif

I had just watched Star Wars IV from a DVD set I bought a few years ago and was wondering where I could get the original versions. What a great surprise to find that the set I was watching is the one you show here! Checked the box and indeed there it was on the bonus disc.
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Google Despecialized Star Wars

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This past weekend marks 30 years since return of the jedi came out.....it was a huge hit although fans and critics disagreed about it....it was the weakest of the franchise trilogy....to people who were born the year that star wars came out it was their first star wars movie to see in theaters. The original trilogy didn't have 5.1 audio, just 4.2 audio for each movie. The last one was the first movie to be shown in THX certified theaters, back when a few theaters were remodeled to show the movie the way the director intended to be heard and seen. I prefer the nyub nyub ending to the cgi planets one as well as the classic ghosts vs young anakin.
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I've been looking around for a while now trying to find the best representation of the original films. Apparently there are 3, a VHS from the mid nineties which has lightly edit violence and 2 channel audio. Problem is image quality and pan & scan format. A laserdisc version (best rep) which is anamorphic, 2 channel sound, great picture quality, but still contains light violence editing. Third is the box set shown in previous post. The problem with that set is that the sound has been edited and is shown in one anomorphic (black bars on top and sides which requires using the TVs built in zoom).
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When the trilogy came out as a boxed set in the mid 1980s it was pan and scan. Then in the early 90s the first widescreen editions hit vhs and laserdisc. In 1995 the final reissue of the trilogy was out. Not only did each movie get the thx digital treatment but shown before each movie were some interviews with mr Lucas about the making of the saga. On the laserdisc therr was also trailers and stuff that never came to the special eiditon on laserdisc and then dvd and bluray. Thank god for youtube. The trilogy would be reissued on dvd in non anamorphic thx format. Lots of complaints although there are two channel dolby audio tracks. One of the spanish tracks on esb is a 70mm audio track.
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Originally Posted by UUronl View Post

Google Despecialized Star Wars

Yep...I was skeptical...but the latest despecialized version of A New Hope sourced from the blu-rays is a thousand times better than the letterboxed dvd versions and held up well in my 106 inch home theater. On a 40-50 inch screen, it would be even more seamless. The best HD version of the unedited OT out there by far.
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Originaltrilogy.com is a great website for the classic saga not the prequels. Lots of in theater recordings of anh and esb recorded at a paramus theater using a tape recorder to record the original 70mm sound mix.
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