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But I admit that theatre does a better job of blacks than my home theathre.
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Originally Posted by truckerzero View Post

I don't want to be the guinea pig but I would like to see the black and white with grey through white screen wall to give the grey a darker look and see if it helps with the apparent grey level darkness type thing. Of course your white paint would have to be the same as the white level of your screens white level....man I wish I could talk right! I should have paid more attention in English class!
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Crabalocker, it's not English class anymore. For awhile it was Language Arts, then it became Communication Arts, and that morphed into just being known as Comm Arts (with the kids not even knowing what Comm stood for), and now at the beginning of this year our principal told us it's changed names again. I don't even remember, it started with an E and was an acronym. I didn't even take the time to remember it since it will change again soon. Eventually it will just be called Spanish... I didn't just say that did I?....eek.gif
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HaHa funny but probably true.

I read you liked the new JTR Noesis speakers carp and did I read you bought them? If you did, how do you like 'em? mucho bien?
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Ha, si - muy bein.

I can't stop listening to them. I'm already down in my room listening to music if that gives you an idea.

As great as they are for movies, I think they really separate themselves when it comes to music. They don't sound like you are listening to a speaker, it just sounds.... real. For me it was crazy expensive, but worth it since I know how much I'll be using them for years to come.
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That's awesome, glad you found something you're really happy with. I have to wait a few years before I can go that nice with my setup but in the mean time, I think I'm gonna' give the SEOS speaker build a try. I had to get two new cars, one for the wife and one for myself plus I'm buying the new JVC X55 when they hit shelves so my JTR plan is pushed back till 2014.
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Well, Jeff keeps making improvements/tweaks so waiting may be the way to go anyway! smile.gif
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Related info from the 'Display Calibration' section's "sticky" threads:

'D65 Video Bias Lighting- Fundamental Theory And Practice'

'How Viewing Environment Conditions Can Corrupt Or Enhance Your Calibration'
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