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Just got this TV to replace the LG 55LS4500 i got 2 month ago. Only reason for replacing the LG is that i found while LG's 55" is almost there but 60" is just a bit more perfect for the size of my living room - otherwise LG was a great TV(going to my friend). My question is - when was this TV first introduced and do i need to buy a 3/4 year ext. warranty for it(whats the failure rate on these) - anyone?
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I think this model came out last fall. All the reviews and threads about it start around October/November 2012.
I've seen quite a few mentions in different threads about reliability and it sounds like it's close enough to Panasonic to be within the margin of error (so essentially no different). My other TVs are panasonics and I haven't had any reliability issues. One is a 50" I bought at Costco in 2007 thats still beautiful, the other was another 50" Panasonic bought last year, but that had an unfortunate accident with my kids and a Wii remote and broken glass! This Vizio replaces that lovely Panasonic.
60" is a nice step up and I'm very happy with the Vizio. I'm using the CNET calibrated settings right now. Much better than out of the box and fixes the Soap Opera Effect. Maybe a bit dark and bit soft for my taste, but I want to live with it for another week or two before I start messing with the settings again.
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Originally Posted by jcalifornia View Post

I don't really like how dark the CNET settings are. What are the best people are using?
CNET settings seemed really dark going to that from out of the box settings, but it's because of that dramatic change from Out-of-the-box that I want to wait a week or so now and let it sink in before I start playing with it again. I'll bet those settings are very accurate, I just wonder if a little tweaking would make it more "pleasing" even if not more accurate smile.gif
The settings seemed really, really dark until I got to the last two - backlight control and ambient light. When I shut those off it did bounce back quite a bit.
Unless I get a calibration disc, my next move will probably be to increase the backlight a bit and maybe put the smoothing back on to Low instead of off and see how I like that.
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Good Morning everyone....I just purchased a Vizio e601i-a3 60" LED TV and read the posts on here. I love the picture for the price, very crisp and clean..I have a few questions though:  


1. I see a lot of people mentioning Movie or Cinema mode?  I have Vivid, Normal, Calibrated, Calibrated Dark, Game, and Custom as my choices, where is movie/cinema choice at?  


2. Looking at the settings you all are using for color temp and such, the numbers you state for calibration go well above 100 and when I tried to adjust these numbers I was limited to 100 as max, am I missing something?  


3. My biggest issue right now is when I am watching a program on tv that it looks like there is a brightness flicker intermittently where it looks like it adjusts from dark to light and vice versa, it is not strobing or anything like that but it doesn't go away either, maybe every 20 sec it occurs.....it just looks like it is trying to make minor adjustments to brightness and isn't seemless, so you see a flicker on the screen when it occurs.  Is this a processing issue within the TV or is there an adjustment I can make?


Thanks for all the insight in your posts......



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Try turning off the ambient light control. This set checks the brightness of your room and automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on the ambient light. Please post back and let us know if that fixes your issue or not.
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I actually called VIZIO and they told me to check and see if the flickering was noticeable from the back vent holes, where you can see some of the back lighting, I could see no flickering.  So they told me that was all they could do and to take the TV back and exchange it if I wanted to, so that is what I did.  No problems, Target was very good with the exchange and said if I had any further issues, to just bring it back for exchange or refund.  I got the new TV home and set it up and same thing...saw the flickering of brightness from dark to light.  So I fiddled with the setting and once I brought down the contrast to around 50 and the back lighting down the flicker seemed to disappear.  So I will monitor this for awhile and see how it goes......


Thanks for your input RudyCantFail, I will look at what you said when i get home this evening.

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I had the same issue, if it is the same thing as mine all you have to do is turn the Auto Brightness Control off. I guess with the older sets it was called the Ambient Light Control.
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