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I attached a diagram of my "proposed" set up.

1. Where "should" the bottom of the screen be compared to your eyes while seated?
2. Would you keep the screen high, and then put the speakers below it? I only have a 100" wall to put everything on. A hundred inch diagonal screen takes up 87" of that wall, so no room for speakers to the sides of the screen.
3. Instead of going lower than the screen with my towers and center, I "could" go with a acoustic transparent screen and put the speakers behind the screen. Would that be better? I'm concerned that I'll be sitting too close to the screen, and would be able to see the holes in the screen because of it.
4. How bad are in-wall speakers? Right now, I have an older Klipsch Synnergy set from ten years ago. Could I get in-wall speakers to do as well as those for cheap? (nope, I'm not an audiophile.) (I have a Parts Express close by, so I could go with some Daytons pretty cheap.)
5. Or, should I get some satellite fronts that fit in the skinny 6" spaces to the left and right of my screen? I've heard some Klipsch Quintets that sounded ok.

Floorplan_2012 Layout4 (screen).pdf 12k .pdf file