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I am looking to buy a new TV for my basement. It will be in a pretty low light room. I am looking for at least a 46" TV that will give me excellent picture quality and a high refresh rate. The primary use of this TV will be using it to play video games like Halo 4. I have considered getting a plasma TV but I recently found a really good deal at Best Buy that I think I may need to jump on.

I work at Best Buy and we have an open box end of life TV that my manager is willing to sell to me for a good deal. This is the TV:

The TV is in good condition and seems to have a really good picture. It is currently marked for $999.99 but I think I may be able to talk my manager down to as low as $700. Can you let me know if this is a good deal and if the TV is good? I like it because it has a high refresh rate and a good picture. I do not care at all about the 3D but I don't mind the feature being there.

If there are any other TVs you guys would recommend to me for a price lower than about $1050 let me know but I think this may be the TV to buy.