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Epson 8350 - Black Friday sale?

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Anyone know if the Epson 8350 will be discounted during the holidays in particular black friday / cyber monday?

I know we are still a couple of weeks away but i wanted to start these thread for anyone that may be interested in purchasing one and so that we can collaborate and put in where we are finding the best deals on this projector.

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Of course it will!

Everything will be discounted...VA always has sales during that time.
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haha.. looking forward to checking out the sales.
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back to the top... anyone hear about any sales taking place on projectors - specifically the 8350 or even the 3020? many stores have announced their sales already and i havent seen anything on these projectors yet.
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I have been looking around for a Black Friday 2012 deal on this projector as well without any luck. I saw one forum where they thought the Fry's sale was going to happen again this year (even though the price and flyer looked suspiciously like last year). I went to my local Fry's today and they have no stock on this item. It looks like there are only 1-2 of them total in all of the SoCal stores, so Fry's isn't going to do it again. I'm hoping it might come up on Amazon but don't know if that's in the cards.
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Was really hoping to come across some of the deals I missed out on last year regarding the Epson 8350.
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I was talking to somebody at VisualApex and he thought the Epson 8350 was going to be discontinued soon. To me, that means they will go on clearance (hopefully). To him, he thinks they will just sell them out and get the replacement.
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the lowest price on this PJ is 1099 at visual apex or amazon. I'm not sure about waiting around until this model gets discontinued and wouldnt put much stock on sales reps. I heard from a Best Buy rep who checked the product details on their corporate computers that the 8350 is slated to be sold through 2014... so who knows.
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Great info. Thanks.

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With the dawn of much cheaper 3D projectors, I may consider selling my 8350....
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