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wharfedale evo towers on sale

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Sorry if this is the wrong area, I didn't see a "deals" section. Mods can move to appropriate place. I just saw this beastly deal and wanted to share with people who are looking for towers. Also anyone can feel free to throw this on the audioholics deal section, I dont have enough posts to start threads there.
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Nothing new. Music Direct has been having that sale for almost a year. The Evos are being phased out for Wharfedales new Jade series. I have heard the Evos and they are excellent speakers and a real steal at that price.smile.gif
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I sprang for the Evo30s to play around with and enjoy them. The maple finish is very nice--much like the Quad L series made in the same complex--and WAF friendly.

They're not high-end more upper-range of mid-fi [for lack of a better way of putting it]--for example the ACI Jaguars in my avatar are in another league--but certainly an introduction. While [understandably] coming up short against the Jags when I put them up against my ACI 25th Anniversary Sapphires and the Evos weren't embarrassed by them and were better in bass and coherence I think. Wharfdale is a bigger name in Britain & Asia than the U.S. I'd roughly compare these to the Quad L series if that's any help (I owned the 12Ls a couple of years back, made in the same factory complex I think).

If you have a sub or are getting one I'd recommend the Evo30s, if not then go for the 40s.

If you're looking for bang-for-the-buck & under $1000 floorstanders snap them up now.
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