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Monitor 70 Series 2's

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Can't afford anything else and have not heard anything else, but they don't sound terrible. Help me with a general consensus- are they crap (because RTI's seem to be what people are getting), and if they are, why? Is their bass, midrange, and treble all lacking? Are they an OK intro speaker? Believe me, I wish I could get better stuff, but are they not mentioned much here because they are cheap and pretty much just suck?
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I have the monitor 40s and I'm pretty happy with them, and your 70s will blow my 40s out the water. Of course there are WAY more speakers that are WAY better, but for the price (at newegg) I think they're pretty legit
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I had some. Sound great. For the money you can't go wrong. Make sure you check Newegg. Com for pricing!
They usually have them dirt cheap. GL
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