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Streaming Isn’t Easy

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During this year's Streaming Media West the VP of media and IP services for Level 3, Mark Taylor, has a very simple “three strikes and you’re out” rule for all streaming media.

“[Consumers] will try buffering [content] three times before they’re gone and go elsewhere. “Say goodbye to those ad dollars.”

Taylor and other panelists agreed that:
Consumers expect content to load, no matter what device they’re using, but making that happen is beyond complicated.

Adobe's senior product manager, said he sees some content providers who are dealing with close to 20 different encodes for every type of video, to make sure the content works across platforms. Sadly, even that’s not enough:
What works for one Android-based smartphone won’t work for another, and the video quality meant for a tablet won’t work for a 60-inch HDTV.

“You’re going to have a subset of customers who have a negative experience,” Taylor said.

To address this, content providers need to do a lot of testing even after they put the product out there, according to the manager of systems integration and operations for HBO, Michael Dube,
After the content is delivered, the work isn’t over. “One of the pieces of advice I’d give to a new [over-the-top content company] is offer something different,” he said.

Are you happy with your streaming providers? Do you think some of them take the short road?

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Dish Network takes the short road with their apps and streaming (via their Sling adapters).

HBO does a really nice job with their Go service however.
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I stream through a Sony blu-ray player. My internet is 1.5 megs but speed tests consistently run 1.8. Netflix and Amazon and Hulu Plus work perfectly and I get a beautiful picture even though it can't be HD. Crackle and most other providers also work fine. CinemaNow and Berlin Philharmonic and Qriocity Video Unlimited and a couple of others buffer too often to be watchable. The speed test they supposedly do isn't adjusting the stream. I'm happy with Netflix and Amazon and Hulu Plus.
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Hardline your htpc to your tv between the walls to hide that thick hdmi cable ftw.
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