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Options in Tridef/iz3d for 3d

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Hey guys,

I recently bought a 3d tv (vizio E3D420VX). I really didn't care much about the 3d features when I bought it, but now that I have it, I'd like to try it out a bit. I have my PC connected to the tv via hdmi and I have a radeon 6950 video card. I know a lot of people have issues with amd and their 3d support, but using tridef I haven't had any problems actually getting the 3d content to work. My issue is more with the fact that when my tv recognizes 3d content, it goes to 3d mode and disables game mode which introduces a lot of input lag.

My question is, is there a way with tridef(which i've already purchased) or iz3d to produce the 3d image on my pc without the tv needing to do any processing? If I could leave my tv in 2d mode, I could turn game mode on.

Here is my theory on how this works (and I may be completely wrong). When a source outputs a side by side image to the tv, it automatically recognizes this and tells me to switch to 3d mode. It then takes the two images, processes them and makes them viewable in 3d. Is there a way using one of these software solutions to do that proecssing of the two images before it makes it to the monitor so I can leave it in 2d mode? Or am I misunderstanding how the 3d mode works on hte tv?
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You can do this by turning on red/blue 3D mode in the drivers and getting a pair of the colored glasses that you found in comic books from the 80's. It looks terrible and barely works, but that will give you 3D on a 2D display. Anything else and your display won't tell your 3D glasses to turn on and work, plus you'd drop to a really juddery 30fps per eye which is the primary reason this didn't catch on the last time 3D shutter glasses came around.
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I don't have a an active 3d display, it's passive so uses polarized glasses. I wouldn't have the issue of glasses not turning on. I believe I really just need the software to do the processing of the side by side images instead of it doing this on the tv.
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Your TV still wouldn't know to kick in to polarized mode.
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Okay, maybe that's where I lack understanding of how the polarized tvs work. I assumed that because the tv has a polarized film on it, there wasn't really a "polarized" setting.
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I have a similar Vizio and asked myself the same question because although I love my M3D550KD it is not top of the line and the 3d aspect, specifically the processing, is not as good as my HTPC and when my tv is in 3d mode I cant control certain aspects of visual settings, it slows my pc down quite a bit, etc. Everything I read said it couldnt be done so just for the heck of it I took a movie clip, put it in Adobe Premiere and by using multiple layers of the same movie I was able to recreate the same thing you would see when you take off your 3d glasses and the picture is off or blurry. It worked, but the file was giant, it looked like junk, I couldnt control depth or distance and so unless you want to do that with every movie you want to watch on your Vizio your probably out of luck. Sounds like this is the same concept as DarkLords suggestion.

On another note, like your issue with gaming being turned off, I had a problem with HDMI and my Nvidia card and long story short I did some EDID edits and essentially fooled my pc into enabling something that normally wouldnt be enabled in that mode. I am sure you have double checked, but are you sure your tv is supposed to disable gaming mode? I have 3 different Vizio 3d tvs (family included) and none of them do this. Have you tried RGB vs HDMI vs DVI connections?
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It's a known issue with my tv apparently that it disables game mode in 3d. I haven't tried RGB or DVI, only HDMI. I was under the impression that it would only work over hdmi, but I may try to find a dvi cable just to check.
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