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the elusive dipole surround

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My long delayed theater project is getting going again and i'm getting excited about equipment. Had my heart set on mirage omd 5 as surrounds but they are no longer available in black.

I have been trying to find dipole rear surrounds but it seems like most manufacturers today are making bipole surrounds these days. It is for a dsx setup and they recommend dipole not bipole for rears.

Is it true that affordable dipole surrounds are hard to find? I would like to spend 400/pair on the high side.
Is it possible to take a bipole speaker without a dipole switch and do something to it manually to turn it into dipole?

Thanks for your insights.biggrin.gif
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The Polk Audio FXi bi/dipole surrounds are pretty decent for the price. A factory refurbished pair of FXi A6 are $319.99 and $269.99 for the a4s. Email Jessica if the Polk Ebay store isn't listing any. If you want the email address, shoot me a PM later.

HTD has affordable bi/dipole speakers as well.

Just out of curiosity, what speakers are you using for the front stage?
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Thanks for answering!

I've attached my room drawing. It's a small space with "attic" like walls that are 45 deg. if you get what I mean. So it's cozy. I hope you can make out the speaker locations.

I'm thinking aperion intimus combo for the front speakers and their sub. Not ideal sub, but the combo itself is 1169 with free shipping for 5.1. And we get to audit at home.
This isn't budget limited, it's reality of this being first real sound system that we own. and not necessarily hearing the difference between $1200 speakers and a $2500 set. Plus, it's a small room, so it won't get cranked to max often.

Trading up from this: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1437511/tv-speakers-in-open-room#post_22557314
Thinking goes that modestly priced 7.1 will blow us away.

Receiver is already purchased, onkyo nr-709, mainly for the dsx and all the built in streaming.

Hoping to have the room ready by end of month and purchase speakers around then.

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Axiom has both their models of 'quad' pole surrounds available in black. Might work ok for you.
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