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Need FLEXIBLE throw private/public projector

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I'm something of newbie. We need a really good projector for two purposes:

1.) to use in a relatively small office to be mounted above and behind me to project on the opposite wall - a vision condition makes it imperative that I see reflected light at a distance instead of radiated light from screen.
The room isn't large, so I'd need it to be able to be seen in daylight on a gray screen. Distance to screen: about nine feet.
Also given the size of the room, it would be good if it weren't extremely loud.

2.) We also want to be able to use it for public events in decent-sized halls, although I presume we'd have some flexibility of placement there.

So we need four things: flexibility:
*adjustable throw distance, including very close - is that possible?
*and also adjustable lens so the image can be shifted down, up, left, right, etc., and then stabilized fo the plane of the screen,
*image quality - DEFINITELY not a 720 projector
*no risk of rainbowing, if that's still there
*brightness enough for public use
*not crazy loud.

We can probably go up to about $4000 for this, including everything.

Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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what size are the 2 screens sizes.

You will most likely be looking at a business style projector.
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About 72 inches width.
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Something doesn't make sense. You mentioned you wanted to also "use it for public events in decent-sized halls" but then mention that the screen is only 5 feet wide. That size in a "decent sized hall" is going to look postage stamp sized and nobody will be able to see/read what's on the screen farther than about 15-20 feet back. (I'm assuming this is for business so people will want to read what's on screen).

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Kal, sorry, that was the size for the short-throw home-office situation. That's the situation in which the screen size is a constant and I know what it is.
The public part of it would vary, so I didn't give that.
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Take a look at the http://www.projectorcentral.com/Sony-VPL-FH35-projection-calculator-pro.htm

Sony VPL-fh35. You can do 9 foot throw at that size it is also 5200 lumens. Then scale from there.
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Thanks, looking at it!
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Totally wrong projector for your small screen set up.

Niot even discussable. Unlike a trojan, one size does not fit all. If you need a large size presentation projector as well as a reasonable quality small screen one, buy two projectors. You simply can not get a sports car to also do the job of a Mack truck. What you want doesn't exist and it is a complete waste of bandwidth to even attempt to find it.
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Hahaha the lowest lumen output on that thing is ~4000. 4000 lumens on a 72" screen would be ridiculous.
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Not true. You would need a real low gain screen, close to black, or a high number ND filter. There are three different threads started on this question by the thread initiator, two of which including this one got few responses. The thread originator learned that to get responses one needs to ask specific questions like a Sony 50 or 30 vs a JVC yada yada. The thread initiator has been thoroughly educated at this point but occasionally a thread will resuurect itself and the thread initiator, an extremely nice guy, is trying to be polite in expressing appreciation for all responses. He knows the lumens on this one might be a err tad high. smile.gif
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