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2-Channel Speakers - primarily music, $1000 budget (also posted in speaker thread)

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I realize this question is asked frequently, but I've done my research. I'm wondering if anything has changed and would like to put the question out into the ether again. I have about a grand to spend on a stereo pair of speakers - new or used, I don't really care (condition is important if used though). Having asked similar questions previously, I will try to cover the important factors at the outset:
These could be in one of two rooms, so some versatility would be of benefit: Room 1: 12x10; Room 2: 20x15
Music: blues, rock, jazz - in that order, then possibly some television (I already have a quite nice HT setup, so that's not a factor)
Budget: $1000 - would prefer not to have a sub, but would make an exception for bookshelves
Existing Equipment: Emotiva USP-1, UPA-5 amp (may switch out for a decent 2-channel), upgraded Technics 1200 TT (to be named CD, and possibly some I-Pod music)

Items I've considered thus far:
Axiom M60/80's (have heard the original version of the M60's and enjoyed the detail - haven't heard v3 and wouldn't want a sub with towers)
Rockets (have a pair of 760's I could use, but then would have to buy new surrounds for HT... lol)
Ascends CBM-170's (with a sub) or 340's - had the original of both, but have yet to hear the SE editions
Aperions - have yet to hear these, but live near Portland (city of manufacture)
Aurum Cantus L2's (available used locally, ~$500
PBN Montana Monitor
Norh - very interested in these, but as they have to ship from Thailand it would be an investment and possibly an expensive return process
Vandersteen Model 2 or 1B (both available used locally, <$400)

I am fairly obviously a fan of the internet-direct model, but am not stuck with it hard and fast - so any recommendations or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I realize the tonal qualities of many of these speakers are considerably different also, but I am interested in your thoughts given the associated equipment and musical tastes listed. I do greatly enjoy detail, but not to the point of fatigue; I do not generally listen to extremely loud music and am not remotely interested excessive bass.


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If the new speakers are for the same room as where the USP-1 and the HT resides why not use the home theater bypass function and use the mains you have now? The UPA-5 is competent enough to drive all but the most demanding speakers. If you aren't happy with your current speakers for 2 channel you might want to select a pair that will blend in with the rest of the current HT speakers so you can use the HT bypass setup. I have a USP-1 and use it in HT bypass on occasion. I don't use the HT equipment very often since football and Nascar sounds quite good on 2 channel IMO.
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Tekton Lores or Zu Audio Omens (Christmas special for $999).
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Wow... the Zu's would be sweet!

The HT is in the basement, two channel is upstairs--I like to spin vinyl for company and it's just not the same in the basement wink.gif
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KEF Direct for sell-offs, either:

a) two iQ70 for $300 each


b) a pair of iQ30 for $350 the pair, and get a sub
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A pair of the Swan D2.1SE+ monitors, currently going for $699. If you are concerned about bass, these handle music genres like Hard Rock and Rap very well, without sacrificing precision or air for Classical music.

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If you can get a pair of Vandersteen 2 speakers for that price, I would jump on it fast. That sounds like a steal.

I have had Vandersteen 2 and 3 speakers for years, and they are hard to beat at almost any price.

I wouldn't recommend using the 1B without a subwoofer; it really has no bass at all.
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I just ordered a pair of Sierra-1s with the NRT upgrade off of Agon... will post impressions after they arrive.
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Congrats, Dude-make sure you have plenty of White Russian ingredients on hand for when the Sierras arrive smile.gif.
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I most certainly will!

2 oz vodka
1 oz coffee liqueur
light cream

Pour vodka and coffee liqueur over ice cubes in an old-fashioned glass. Fill with light cream and serve.
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And no Eagles! Sorry, I couldn't resist. wink.gif
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