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lutron homeworks progamming

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does anybody know what programmers charge for homeworks. a friend gave me this guys number, he came over with another guy who had a homeworks shirt on and really understood the system. its a full house with 26 shades, all working. the lighting is to the point that one button will turn all the lights on or off for construction purposes and the dimmers and 7 button switches work , although limited. av integration is elan g (already hooked up). these guys told me the programming cost would be 125.00 an hour per man for 3 days. am i being taken because it doesn't take two people to program. in case your wondering the original guy is mia. any input would be grateful.
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Well, my guess it is also for tracking what the addresses are of the shades and lighting. It's much easier to do with 2 people so you are not running back and forth and up and down. It may not be out of line. How much of the wiring and equipment is documented?
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i have the password so they can suck out the program, which im told has every light and shade location as well as serial number documented. 6000.00 for 3 days seems crazy. im wondering if this could be done remotely.
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What is the size of your system? How sure are you the hardware is installed correctly? Is the current programming file even worth using?

In this case I would make no assumptions. Most likely the hardware has installation issues and the program file is garbage. If the installer is MIA one can assume tender love and care was not put into the system up to this point.

Programming could theoretically be done remotely, however testing and commissioning must be done on site. On a large system I could have 50+ small programming revisions and transfers because I am not 100% happy with the functionality that looked good in the software.

If you have a good feeling about the guys and they seem to be on the level I would run with it. The programming is what makes this system yours and takes the hardware from being 50k of paper weights.

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This is an older thread - but I think it's worth voicing that I agree. Proper programming of a system makes or breaks the whole deal. Now that doesn't mean 6K is steep or low...but if you are already concerned about cost...it may be worth at least asking the dealer if there is software available for you to modify the system programming yourself in case a few years from now, you'd like to change the programming.

But anyway...did you take the plunge? Were you satisfied with their service?

Another option is to use level editor in Lutron's Home Control+ app - a somewhat simplistic app...but it does the job!
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