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Malibu Country

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We eagerly awaited this new Reba McIntyre comedy since we were devoted fans of her earlier comedy hit "Reba". To say Malibu Country's premiere was a dud is kind. Every California and lifestyle cliche in the book were jam packed in the thirty minutes show. Of course Reba was her charming self. The real killer is the script. The script is pure rubbish.
Reba herself deserves much better.
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My "tween" and teen liked it but the wife and I were less than satisfied. We'll give it one or two more shots but if they are like the pilot we'll check out.
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Lily Tomlin and Sara Rue were completely wasted.  (So were their characters, but not in the same sense.)
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The show, "Reba" was actually pretty damned good, as far as sitcoms go. This show just seems like somebody tried to rewrite that one with a bunch a really bad changes. It just seems so "forced", when "Reba" just seemed so natural.

The writing is aweful. You can't blame the actresses here.
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I noticed that RNM's star credit is the mononym "Reba" but her producer credit is "Reba McEntire."  I guess she's another like Jackée Harry or Brandy Norwood who can't make up her mind when she does or does not have a last name.  At least Beyonce Knowles has (as far as I know) some consistency about when she uses her surname and when not.

Jimmy Kimmel remarked that on both of her sitcoms her character was named Reba, as if she had had it in her contract.  It goes farther than that:

real name: Reba Nell McEntire
maiden name of "Reba" character: Reba Nell McKinney
maiden name of "Malibu Country" character: Reba Nell MacKenzie
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