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I am looking at 60" TVs under 1K and these three seem to be the leading contenders. The Panny gets the top marks on CNET, but I've also read good things about the Samsung and LG.

Been able to compare the Panny and Samsung at the local Walmart. but they did not have the LG at the store. Between the Panasonic and Samsung, the Samsung seemed brighter at the store, but I know the display at the store doesn't really give the real picture.

Has anyone done a comparison between these three and have a recommendation among the bunch?

I am looking to place it in the family room with a wall of windows on one side and an open kitchen with a skylight on the other side, so I am a bit concerned about the glare/reflection. At the store, I did notice the Plasmas had the most reflection compared to the LED/LCDs that were next to it.

Other options I am considering are the Panasonic VIERA TC-L55E50 55-Inch and the Vizio 60-inch E601i-A3. The Panny is only 55-inch which is a negative, but it has an IPS panel and has been well reviewed. The Vizio has good reviews and I currently own a 4-year old, 32-inch Vizio and happy with the PQ so I know the picture will be good, however I've also had a bad experience with my Vizio sound-bar, so I am split on Vizio as a company which stands behind it's products.

So the big question is Plasma or LED, then decide which Plasma or LED.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. Thanks.