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Lighting Underneath Seat

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What type of lighting do I need to put underneath my couch? I was watching a video and saw a really cool blue lighting underneath the seats. The color does not have to be blue, it can be red, orange, white, yellow, purple, pink, etc. Can I get something like that at Home Depot?

Here is the youtube video about home theater building:


Thanks for any advice!!
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Rope light would be my guess?
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LED's or cold cathodes would work great. I recommend LED's. http://www.elementalled.com/shop-by-item/strip-lights.html
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Thanks you guys!

I will give it a try.
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Check out Lowes, http://www.lowes.com/pd_696-24994-HTP904E_0__?productId=3316942&Ntt=led&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Dled&facetInfo=
Cryon LED lighting systems. I used these behind an acoustic transparent screen to show the speakers behind. Turned out pretty cool.
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i've used them for behind screen and actual bar lighting. great and easy to use.
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